Speech Training:Practice Tongue Twister For Kids, Adults Part 1

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Speech Training: Practice Tongue Twister For Kids, Adults Part 1

Speech Training:Practice Tongue Twister For Kids, Adults Part 1
Speech Training:Practice Tongue Twister For Kids, Adults Part 1

www.sekolahbahasainggris.com-The importance of clear speech in illustrated by the following, which are to be spoken in such a way as to bring out the difference of meaning:

  1. He likes somber boats.

->He likes summer boats

  1. Tell them all I’m only lonely.

->Tell them all in lonely olney.

  1. She lost some salted almonds, chief.

->She lost some assorted almonds, chief.

  1. Hurst was heard right to the back of the room.

->Hurst was hurled right to the back of the room.

  1. I questioned him time and time again.

->Aye, question him time and time again.

  1. They were entrapped for hours.

->There were entrapped four powers.

These tongue twisters and “sound” sentences will help you to develop clear, bold consonant sounds:

  1. Be bold batsman,baulks body bowlers, but bash bouncing balls bravely.
  2. Groering, the gory gangster, gored the gaggling, gurgling goose.
  3. Are you copper-bottoming them, my man, or alumuniuming them?
  4. One of the rocks bounded over the edge of the hill and went pounding down into the nest vally.
  5. How the wild winds blow it; they whip it about as the torn shreds of sails lash the tossed ship they cling to.
  6. They kickit, and jumpit with mettle extraordinary, the whiskit, and friskit, and toed it, and go’d it, and twirled it, and wheeled it, and stamped it and sweated it, tattooing on the floor like mad.
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Clarity and vigour in your speaking of these lines will enable you to hear the rainstorm;

Now the words go bumping round the sky,

Like huge empty pearl box on the cobbles of the clouds

Bursting the water butts and tipping the gutters of the sky

On the fells and the gel and the dale with the jelly.

Now the thirsty mouths of the trees are licking their tongues

Into the wet soil, and the grasses suck the rain

Into their stems, and the great humps of hills

Gulps the water like whales and spurt it out

Through the many snouts of springs and fountains.

Good Luck SBI’s Friends!!!

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