Sentence Structure Test:The Exercise Part 1

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Sentence Structure Test:The Exercise Part 1

Sentence Structure Test:The Exercise Part 1
Sentence Structure Test:The Exercise Part 1 one of the following is correct. In the other four there should either be two sentences where there is now one, or one where there are now two. Rewrite them correctly.

  1. The repeated drenching in the icy water had had this effects on him his handsome coat was bedraggled.
  2. He feraed the beating. He knew to be waiting for him.
  3. John trembled. Waiting for the punishment to fall upon him.
  4. Each dog was fastened to the sled by a single rope. And also No two ropes were of the same length.
  5. Fortune seemed to favour him always when hardest pressed for food he found something to kill.


Bearing in mind that a sentence expresses a complete thought and must have a subject and verb, whilst a phrase expresses an incomplete thought, has no verb and does the work of an adjective or adverb, decide which each of the following is:

  1. In the abandoned lair.
  2. He settled down
  3. During the early summer months
  4. He meet Lip-lip!
  5. Beware!
  6. Along the base of a high bluff
  7. How they fought!
  8. With a patience huge with hunger
  9. Into the scrawny throat of Lip-lip
  10. Clara resumed her course along the base of the bluff.


Below is a list of condensed sentences. They are really complete, though certain words are omitted and have to be understood. When these understood words are inserted you will see that each sentence has its usual subject and verb. Thus you must be quick! Insert in square brackets the understood words in each sentence overleaf.

  1. Quick!
  2. Many happy returns!
  3. At once!
  4. All together!
  5. Jam, please.
  6. Thank you!
  7. Not today, young man!
  8. Gangway, please!
  9. Heads under!
  10. Where?


Good Luck SBI’s Friends!!!

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