Reading Comprehension: Exercise Text 7

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Reading Comprehension: Exercise Text 7

Sekolahbahasainggris-Soal reading itu mudah kan sahabat SBI? Siapa yang setuju? Kenapa admin bilang mudah? Karena jika kita banyak berlatih mengerjakan soal reading pasti semakin lama akan semakin mudah. Nah admin kali ini ada soal reading tentang kesehatan text 7 loh. Selamat mengerjakan:

Reading Comprehension: Exercise Text 7
Reading Comprehension: Exercise Text 7

Text 7:


What are the symptoms

                The main symptoms is breathlessnesss accompanied by a feeling of painless tightness in the chest, along with wheezing, the amount of varies gratly. Sometmes only a doctor’sstethoscope can catch the sound of wheezing- or it maybe loud enough to carry across a crowded room. In severe cases, the effort of breathing out (which is when the wheezing is most pronounced) may causean increase in pulse rate, sweating and severe anxiety. Often, he sufferer finds that it helps to sit up straight, with the arms held stiff to support the chest. With increased breathlessness, breathing becomes increasingly shallow and fast, and wheezing sounds grow louder. In very severe attracks, the face and lips may turn bluish (cyanosis), because of the diminishingsupply of oxygen in the circulation, or the skin mamy become very pale and clammy. In very severe attacks, the wheezemay lessen.

                Sometimes, a dry cough may be the only or the most obvous symptoms of asthma. A cough may also occur duringattacks of obvious asthma, when the sufferer may cough up sputum that has accumulated in the lungs.

  1. All of the symptoms listed below found in the one who suffers from asthma, except:


B.Tightness in the chest


D.The arms held stiff to support the chest

  1. The one who has difficulty breathing (in asthma case)may have these related symptoms except,


B.Severe anxiety


D.Increasing pulse rate

  1. When someone suffers from asthma, he oor she may produces abnormal sounds from the respiratory track, the sound is known as:


B.Dry cough


D.Coughing up sputum

  1. When does the braethingbecome increasingly fast and shallow?

A.When the breathlessness increases

B.When suffering from dry cough

C.When suffering from cough with phlegm

  1. When the supply of oxygen is diminishing

What parts of body obviously turn bluish when there is severeattack of asthma


B.Face and lips



Semoga Bermanfaat para pembaca SBI!!!

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