7 Must To Know About KINDS OF Conjunction

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7 Must To Know About KINDS OF Conjunction

www.sekolahbahasainggris.com-Ingin Sukses mempelajari Grammar Bahasa Inggris tentang Conjuntion? Ada 7 Kata Penghubung yang harus anda ketahui jika ingin menguasai grammar bahasa Inggris.

7 Must To Know About KINDS OF Conjunction
7 Must To Know About KINDS OF Conjunction

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Conjunction yang menghubungkan hal yang setara

  1. Coordinate ”FAN BOYS”





Or :a


So :



– FAN BOYS tidak bisa berposisi di depan kalimat

For I came late, I got a punishment.


  • FAN BOYS tidak menghasilkan Main clause dan Sub clause

Her father was angry, and he didn’t want to meet her


  • FOR, YET, dan SO hanya bisa menghubungkan kalimat


  1. Correlative conjuntion.


Both                      and                           (keduanya … dan ….)      

Not only               but also                   (tidak hanya… tapi juga… )

Either                    or                               (kalau tidak … ya …)

Neither                 nor                            (baik … dan … tidak…)


Both       …    and ….                         (2 poin tercapai)

Not only ….   but also …                     (2 poin tercapai)

Either     ….   or …                                (1 poin tercapai)

Neither …    nor ….                            (2 poin tidak tercapai)


  1. Both you and I (is/am/are) doing difficult homework.
  2. Not only I but also he (has/have) a new roommate.
  3. Either my mother or theyv(was/were) called by my teacher
  4. Neither you nor your father (has/have) washed the car




Penghilangan unsur kalimat yang sama dengan subject yang berbeda agar tidak terjadi pengulangan kata yang sama.

  1. SO dan TOO (untuk 2 kalimat positive)

(+) , and SO + aux + S

(+) , and S   + aux + TOO


    • She plants a flower.

You plant a flower



    • They are doing the exam.

I am doing the exam




  1. EITHER dan NEITHER (untuk 2 kalimat negative)

(-) , and NEITHER + aux + S

(-) , and S + aux not + EITHER


    • He didn’t go to the party.

I didn’t go to the party



    • They are not swimming with me

She is not swimming with me




  1. BUT (untuk 2 kalimat berlawanan)

(+) , but S + aux not

(-) , but S + aux

    • She has bought a dictionary, but I haven’t
    • I don’t like this cake, but you do


  1. BOTH .. AND..
  • She brings much water

You bring much water






Conjunction yang menghubungkan main clause dengan sub clause.

Anggota : selain anggota compound conjunction

e.g : – When I was eating my cakes, she came

– if I were you, I would go abroad


    • Kalimat yang terdapat compound conjunction disebut compound sentence (kalimat majemuk setara)

You and I should help the poor.


    • Kalimat yang terdapat complex conjunction disebut complex sentence (kalimat majemuk bertingkat)

After I took a bath, I went to ELFAST.


    • Kalimat yang terdapat compound- complex conjunction disebut compound-complex sentence (kalimat majemuk setara bertingkat)

After I took a bath, I and my sister went to ELFAST yesterday.


Semoga Bermanfaat Para Pembaca SBI!!!


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