101 Learning English: Latihan Listening Test-Missing lyric

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101  Learning English: Latihan Listening-Missing lyric

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101  Learning English: Latihan Listening Test-Missing lyric
101 Learning English: Latihan Listening Test-Missing lyric

Dalam belajar Listening ada baiknya kalian mulai dengan mendengarkan musik dan menulis kembali lyric nya. Latihan ini sangatlah efektif untuk memperlancar skill Listening anda.

Ok, mulai saja dengan:

  1. mendownload MP3 Berikut,
  2. Copy lyric dibawah ini
  3. Mulailah anda practice
  4. Evaluasilah hasil latihan anda.

CHARICE (feat. Iyaz) – “Pyramid”

Shawty’s        is like a pyramid (ooh)

We stand          till the very end (eh ooh)

There’ll never be              for sure (ooh)

Iyaz and Charice      we go

Stones, heavy like the love you’ve shown

Solid as          we’ve known

And I just wanna carry on

We            the bottom up

And even in a desert storm

Sturdy as a        hold

Wishing                froze

Now I just          know

Earthquakes can’t_______

Cyclones can’t _______

Hurricanes can’t _______ our love


_______, we built this on a solid rock

It feels just like it’s ____________________

Together at the top, _________________

And even when the ____________

We’ll never fall just keep __________

Forever we will stay, __________________

Like a ___________ like a pyramid eh (ooh)

Cold, never ever wear _________

We will never _________

_______ that was never told

Something like ___________

And ________ you took we’ve grown

Look how fast our time has flown

________ to a place unknown

We’re going ____________

____________can’t shake us

Cyclones can’t ___________

___________ can’t take away our love


____________, keep it going

Like a pyramid _____let me show you

_________ you so much

That we ________ get through (oh oh)

Even when _______

__________, Ima be the one to keep you safe (hey)

Before was our love _______ more than enough

__________ to one another be the cover when it’s rough (oh oh)

_______ nature (hey)

or disaster won’t stop at ____________

[ Back to Chorus]

Semoga Bermanfaat Para Pembaca SBI!!!!


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