Reading Comprehension: Exercise Text 6

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Reading Comprehension: Exercise Text 6

SekolahbahasainggrisHai sahabat SBI How’s everything? Kali inikita berjumpa lagi dalm soal-soal reading yang sering keluar dalam test baik test SBMPTN ataupun soal TOEFL. Dalam soal bahasa Inggris kita sering menemui soal-soal tekst Short Reading Passage. Oleh karena itu admin ingin membagikan soal berikut, selamat mengerjakan:

Reading Comprehension: Exercise Text 6
Reading Comprehension: Exercise Text 6

Text 6:

The symptoms of appendicitis are variable enough to make diagnosis difficult at times, even for the ost experienced of doctors. Usually, the symptoms come on quite quickly, often within 24 hours of the onset of the inflammation of the appendix.

The principal symptoms is severe abdominal pain, which usually starts as vague discomfort around the navel but sharper and more localized during the course of a few hours. If you have appendicitis, you will probably feel pain in a small spot in the lower right part of your abdomen (the site of the inflamed appendix). Even slight pressure on the spot will increase the pain. You also will feel feverish, will have nausea and may actually vomit. In addition, you will lose your appetite; and you may either be constipated or- less likely-have diarrhea. If you have a dull, recurrent pain in the lower part of your abdomen, this may lead you to suspect that you have what is sometimes called a “grumbling appendix”. However, most doctors would agree that there is nosuch condition.

  1. To make a diagnosis to the patient suspected with appendicitis is….

A.Easy for all medical practitioners


C.Slight difficult

D.Easy for themost experienced of doctors

  1. When dothe symptoms of appenditis come?

A.In 24 hours beforethe inflammation of the appendix

B.It comes very quickl, it can be 24 hours after the inflammation of the appendix

C.It is unpredictable

D.It is in 24 hours continuously

  1. What is the initial symptoms thatis usually felt by a person inflamed by appendectis?



C.Vague discomfort around the navel

D.Severe pain around the lower right part of the abdomen

  1. What is the main symptoms of the appendectis?

A.Severe pain of the lower right part of the abdomen




  1. These are the symptoms that usually accompany the main symptoms of appendectis, except:




D.Pain of the ankle when squatting

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