Practice Sentence Structure Test Part 2

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Practice Sentence Structure Test Part 2

Practice Sentence Structure Test Part 2
Practice Sentence Structure Test Part 2

Make interesting sentences in which you relate the two words of each of these pairs by means of a preposition;


  • The car along the road had broken down
  • Without more ado we drove down the road at top speed.
  1. Car Road
  2. Drove Road
  3. Boat Bridge
  4. Sailed Bridge
  5. Bull Tree
  6. Bellowed tree

Sentence Revision

  1. There are four kind of sentence. Name them, and give an example of each.

Insert the missing words;

A sentence is a complete…….. in words. Every sentence must therefore have two parts, expressed or understood. The part that tells us whom or what the sentence is talking about is called the……; the part thet tells us something about this latter part, such as what it does or is, we call the………

Divide the following sentences into subject and predicate:

  1. Shinta is working hard
  2. Is Shinta working hard?
  3. Work hard.
  4. How hard Shinta is working!

One example of each of the four kinds of sentence is given in Exercise C. Distinguish them; then make the other three kinds of sentence from each of these:

  1. This chef cooks well
  2. Is the sun shining brightly?
  3. How fast she runs1
  4. Climb up that ladder

With what punctuation mark doe: each kind of sentence end? Decide what kind of sentence each of the following is, and then punctuate accordingly:

  1. Have you seen The Merchant Of Venice
  2. What an extraordinary play this is
  3. Look before you leap
  4. A rolling stone gathers no moss
  5. How time flies
  6. I am wondering whether to take the right fork or n

In each of these, two sentences have been written as one. Separate the two sentences and insert the correct punctuation:

  1. That night when all was still, Shinta remembered her mother and sorrowed for her she sorrowed too loudly and woke up John, who beat her.
  2. Shinta became hated by man and dog during this period of his development he never knew a moment’s security.

Good Luck SBI’s Friends!!!

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