Naskah Drama Percintaan Romantis Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaik

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After one week, Putra went to Nilam’s home and he furious with her.

Putra:”Nilam you are a liar!!!” Why are you deceiving me??”

Nilam: “Lie about what?”

Putra:”You have a sweetheart and you never let me know”

Nilam: “I don’t have sweetheart”

Putra: “I know you have a sweetheart, on the grounds that Andri has let me know.

Nilam: “Down and dismal”

Nilam: “Dona,, I truly dismal, on the grounds that Putra judge me that I have a sweetheart, and he said that Andri has let him know about it”

Dona: “alright, doesn’t stress Nilam, I’ll help you to make it genuine and I’ll meet once more”

Nilam: “alright, please help me Dona, in light of the fact that I don’t realize what I need to do, really I truly cherish Putra, and I don’t need he loathe me”.

Dona: “Putra as you realize that kid is our closest companion, so you don’t have to feel desirous”

Putra: “Would you say you are certain?”

Dona: “Yes, obviously”

Putra: “Goodness My God, I did wrong to Nilam” and I need to ask apologize to her

Dona: “That is great”

At that point fan meets Nilam straightforwardly. He apologizes to Nilam and he advises to Nilam that he cherishes her.

Putra: “Nilam, I do truly sad in view of that”

Nilam: “alright fan, and I trust you will never make me feel tragic and frustrated with every last bit of it”

Putra: “I adore you Nilam”

Nilam: “Adore you too Putra”

At last they fell cheerful together in light of adoration