Naskah Drama Percintaan Romantis Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaik

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Naskah Drama Percintaan Romantis Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaik

Naskah Drama Percintaan Romantis Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaik – Cerita yang bertemakan cinta sangat digandrungi oleh para kawula muda. Nah untuk itu admin akan membagikan Naskah Drama Perceritaan Romantis. Semoga bisa bermanfaat untuk sahabat SBI yang sedang mencari contoh naskah drama bertemakan percintaan. Tanpa berlama-lama lagi, saya sajikan sebuah naskah drama khusus kepada sahabat SBI dimanapun anda berada. Selamat membaca.

Naskah Drama Percintaan Romantis Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaik

Cerita Romantis Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Companion and Adoration

Nilam puts on something else in view of Dona has sitting tight for her, they need to hang out with their companions. At that point Nilam consent to her guardians

Dona: “Father Mother I need to run with Dona and Companions”

Mother: “alright” be watchful.

She was strolling before her home, then she found in her neighbor’s yard, there is a good looking kid that was perched on his cruiser and he is grinning to her and Nilam gave it back and she felt apprehensive.

Nilam: (Sayto herself) “Gracious My God, so good looking”

Dona: “We should go Nilam!”

Nilam: “Ok,.Dona, do you realize that kid, so great looking would he say he isn’t?”

Dona: “Yes he is, yet I don’t have any acquaintance with him, really who is he?”

Nilam: (with confounding expression)

When they land in the Café, their companions have officially requested the espresso and sustenances.

Companion: “Nilam, simply arrange the nourishments please!”

Nilam&Dona:”Ok,, we are going to request it, (with a little grin)

Nilam: “fellows how about we go home, in light of the fact that it is very night”

Friends:”Yes,, we suspect as much”

At the point when arrived home, Nilam scrubbed down and after that staring at the television. After that she supper with her family and afterward she listen to music in her room. A couple of minutes after the fact there is a message sent to her and the message is around a kid and the name is Putra, he needs to know all the more about her and Nilam is replythat message. A short time later the kid called her and her answer the telephone and they present themselves one another.

Putra:”Hello Nilam, what’s happening with you?”

Nilam: “I’m listening to music”

Putra: (Apprehensive and timid) Nilam, “might I visit your home, tomorrow?”

Nilam: : “alright Putra, you might”

Furthermore, the following day, Putra visits Nilam’s home with one of his companions and the name is Andri. At first sight age has affection to Nilam, however he noiseless and would not like to enlighten Putra concerning it. Nilam abandons them for some time and back with a chilly tea and a cake.

Putra:”Nilam what is your action now?”

Nilam: (Putting a plate of cake and some tea on to the table) “Goodness,, ehm I’m an understudy”, “you should Putra?”

Putra:”I’m an understudy as well yet now I am simply sitting tight for graduation day on me”

Nilam: (See to the kid other than Putra) “Andri you should?”

Andri: (With cheerful and grin expression) “I have completed my study”

Andri: “Putra.. We should go home!! It is looks need to rain and the climate looks so dull”

Putra :”alright, we should backtrack”

Putra & Andri: “Nilam much obliged for all!!”

Nilam: “the pleasure is all mine”.

In his room Putra was considering Nilam, he becomes hopelessly enamored with Nilam,

Putra: (Converse with himself on the mirror) “Nilam, you’re so excellent furthermore kind”.

In better places Andri was considering Nilam

Putra: “gee, I generally consider herself” (Set down himself on the bed straightforwardly)

Andri: “Who?” (Inquisitive feeling),

Putra: “She is Nilam, I surmise that I cherish her”

Andri: (Advises to himself) “Putra, as you most likely are aware, Nilam is mine, I cherish her and I will never permit other individuals lift her up from me”

Putra: (Yawning) “Gie its my late time, I’m tired thus languid, let me back home!!”

Andri: “alright, be watchful”.

Putra and Andri welcome Nilam and Dona go to some sentimental place in their town, yet Andri desirous to Nilam in light of the fact that Nilam and Putra look inviting and truly glad

Andri: “ha.. It is discipline for you, in light of the fact that you have lifted her up”, “Dona, my mom called me, and she needs me back home”,

Dona: “alright, however before that we must advise to Putra and Nilam,

Andri: “How about we go there!!

Putra:”Guys we need to back home in light of the fact that I have something that I need to do”

Nilam: “No issue”

Following two hours after the fact,,

Nilam: (Watching her watch) “Fan how about we go home!!”

Putra: “alright”

At that point they took after the road and strolling to the spot that Putra stopping his cruiser.

Putra & Nilam:(Surprise expression)

Nilam: “What’s the matter with your wheel?”

Nilam: “Putra we should convey your bike to carport”

Putra: “Yes”

In Nilam’s home,

Mother: “Nilam, how was the voyaging?”

Nilam: “Just so Mother”

Nilam: (Close the entryway)

Andri: “Putra, to the extent I know Nilam has a beau and they adore one another”

Putra: “Would you say you are certain?”

Andri: “Yes, really her companion has let me know about that”

Putra: (Look accept and baffled as a result of that) Nilam you are a liar and I despise you.