Learning:Practice Vocabulary Test Part 2

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Learning:Practice Vocabulary Test Part 2

www.sekolahbahasainggris.com-  Practice your skill of Vocabulary with the Test below:

Learning:Practice Vocabulary Test Part 2
Learning:Practice Vocabulary Test Part 2

Form one noun, one adjective and one adverb from each of these verbs;

e.g :

to consider (verb), Consideration 9noun), considerable (adjective), considerably (adverb):

  1. To heighten
  2. To lengthen to dry
  3. To cool
  4. To decide
  5. To progress
  6. To consider
  7. To forget
  8. To pity
  9. To humor
  10. To attend
  11. To change
  12. To endanger
  13. To sympathise
  14. To frighten
  15. To include


Pair off the words in the left hand column with their synonyms in the right. Remember that only words that are the same part of speech can be synonyms; e.g “astonish” and “amaze” are not synonyms, for one is a noun and the other a verb.

  1. Amaze
  2. Dreary
  3. Amazement
  4. Valid
  5. Illegal
  6. Puerile
  7. Rebuke
  8. Unerring
  9. Reconnoiter
  10. Reconnaissance

The synonyms:

  1. Dingy
  2. Astonish
  3. Infantile
  4. Explore
  5. Astonishment
  6. Illicit
  7. Reprimand
  8. Exploration
  9. Legal
  10. Infallible

To each phrase in the left column there is one of opposite meaning in the below. Pair them off:

  1. By leaps and bounds
  2. In the open
  3. In perfect harmony
  4. Out of work
  5. In a peaceable frame of mind
  6. In a dilapidated state
  7. With alacrity
  8. Over a long period

The opposite meaning:

  1. In a short space of time
  2. In a regular job
  3. In a quarrelsome mood
  4. In good condition
  5. With hesitation
  6. At loggerheads
  7. Under cover
  8. By slow degress


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