English Learning: Practice Spelling Test Part 1

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English Learning: Practice Spelling Test Part 1

www.sekolahbahasainggris.com– Remember that in adding the prefix mis- or dis- (which usually give a word its opposite meaning) you never get a double “s” unless the word to which you are adding already begins with an “s”;

English Learning: Practice Spelling Test Part 1
English Learning: Practice Spelling Test Part 1

e.g: fire- misfire; please- displease; but spell- misspell; satisfy- dissatisfy.

Can you spell these words?

  1. Misprint
  2. Disrespect
  3. Dissatisfy
  4. Disqualify
  5. Misinform
  6. Misbelieve
  7. Miscalculate
  8. Misstatement
  9. Disrelish
  10. Misgovernment
  11. Displacement
  12. Mispronunciation
  13. Disservice
  14. Misshapen
  15. Dissimilar


Form new words from these by using the prefix dis- or mis. Check your answer with a dictionary.

  1. Doing (mis)
  2. Arm (dis)
  3. Direct (mis)
  4. Courage (dis)
  5. Connect
  6. Believe
  7. Deed
  8. Fortune
  9. Continue
  10. Place
  11. Comfort
  12. Spell
  13. Understand
  14. Arrange
  15. Demeanour
  16. State

“c” and “g” are usually pronounced as hard sounds beore “a”, “o” and “u”;

e.g. : cat, cousin,custard, gander, gondola,gush. But before “I”.:e: and “y” they are usually pronounced as soft sounds: e.g. cine,a, certain,cycle, giant, gentle, gymnast.

Consequently if a word ends in a hard “c” (mimic) and we wish to add “ing”, we insert a ‘k” first, to keep the “c” hard; e.g. mimic-mimicking; but mimic-mimicry.

Similarly, we insert a “u” to keep a “g” hard; e.g. Portugal-portuguese.

On the other hand if we wish to keep a “c” or “g” soft, we insert an “I” or “e”; e.g. courage-courageous; malice-malicious.

  1. Exams:

Can you spell these?

  1. Musical
  2. Picnic
  3. Picknicking
  4. Frolic
  5. Frolicking
  6. Frolicsome
  7. Guest
  8. Guilty
  9. Guard
  10. Guinea
  11. League
  12. Vengeance
  13. Catalogue
  14. Dialogue
  15. Fatigue
  16. Tongue
  17. Rogue
  18. Roguish
  19. Religious
  20. Outrageous
  21. Gracious
  22. Arctic
  23. Portuguese
  24. Guarantee



Good Luck SBI’s Friends!!!

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