English For Nursing-Unit 5: Questions +Dialogue For Nursing

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English For Nursing-Unit 5: Questions +Dialogue For Nursing

SekolahbahasainggrisIn this section you will have a n exercise in purpose to enrich your knowledge about vocabularies and dialogue between doctor, nurse, and the patient.


  • The students of nurses are hoped to be able to use the words guard, birth, irritate, tract, persist, attack, contagious.
  • The students are hoped to be able to make questions concerning about subject.
English For Nursing-Unit 5: Questions +Dialogue For Nursing
English For Nursing-Unit 5: Questions +Dialogue For Nursing


  • Please say the following words into the right pronunciation and find the meanings of it.

  1. Attack->> Terserang
  2. Subside->>
  3. Persist->> Bertahan Hidup
  4. Swell->>
  5. Soreness->> Sakit
  6. Irritation->>
  7. Analgesic->> Meringankan nyeri
  8. Antipyretics->> Penurun Panas
  9. Birth->>
  10. Feverish->> Merasa Demam
  11. Track->>
  12. Contagious->> Menular
  13. Shrink->>
  14. Protuberance->> Bengkak/ (n) Pembengkakan
  • Dialogue (Understand the meaning then practice it with your friends)

Shinta sends her classmate Dina, who’ve just got accident to the emergency unit of Graha Husada Hospital. “Soon after arriving there”

Shinta: Help…. Help…… nurse….. she is injure.

Dina: Ouh….. I feel pain on my leg.

A nurse comes to them

Nurse: What’s the matter?

That will be alright

Get in, please…

Shinta and the nurse move Dina to the stretch

Nurse: Not too strong….

Calm down, please

Shinta: Yes, of course

Dina: Oh gosh…… It’s so painfull

Nurse let them to take pethidine and some gauze

Nurse: You will be alright, miss

Dina: Thank you, Nurse

Shinta: Doe she have a serious injure, nurse?

Nurse: let me call the doctor

A doctor comes……

Doctor: No, matter on your leg. That will be fine.

Doctor touches dina’s leg

Dina: It’s so pain, doctor

Doctor: You have got fracture

Nurse, schedule it for her operation?!

Nurse: Yes. Doctor

Dina: Excuse me, have I got operation doctor?

Shinta: Yes alright, Dina

Dina: No… God….. Help me…..

Nurse: Be calm down Dina..

You will be better soon.

Dina: But nurse…..

Doctor: Don’t take it to serious…. This is only minor operation

So, are you ready?

Dina: If it is must, I will… Please do your best doctor….?!

Doctor: Yes, surely…..

Semoga Bermanfaat Para Pembaca SBI!!!

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