English For Nursing-Unit 4: Yes/No Questions

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English For Nursing-Unit 4: Yes/No Questions

SekolahbahasainggrisIn this section you will have a n exercise in purpose to enrich your knowledge about Yes/No Questions.


  • The students of nurses are hoped to be able to use the words hospitalize, disinfect, treatment, ward, procedure, cross.
  • The students are hoped to be able to using are, is and also am, do, and does +subject.
English For Nursing-Unit 4: Yes/No Questions
English For Nursing-Unit 4: Yes/No Questions
  • Please say the following words and find the meanings of it.

  1. Sterilize->> Membersihkan
  2. Sterilization->>
  3. Trolley->>
  4. Ward->>
  5. Hospitalize->>
  6. Hospitalization->>
  7. Disinfect->>
  8. Disinfectant->>
  9. Surgical->>
  10. Surgery->>
  11. Surgeon->>
  12. Intervention->>
  • Please memorize the following vocabularies

  1. Hospitalize(v)->> Does Rudy being hospitalized today?
  2. Hospitalization(n)->> Ronny needs hospitalization.
  3. Disinfect(v)->> Nurse disinfect the patient with NaCl.
  4. Disinfectant(n)->>You know that the Lysol is disinfectant fluid.
  5. Trolley->> The nurse put the trolley to the room.
  6. Treat(v)->> Surgeon’s team was trying to treat Munawaroh.
  7. Treatment(n)->> The treatment is running well.
  • Arrange the following words into right sentences

  1. Am – right – I – the – ward – in
  2. Now – are – out patient – you – clinic – the – in?
  3. Available – dr.Samsul – at – is – five o’clock
  4. Operation – the doctor- to do – minor – has – a
  5. The pharmacy – the – clinic – out patient – next to – is
  • Translate the following sentence into English!

  1. Budi, dapatkah kamu tunjukkan kepada saya dimana ruang rontgen di RS. Urip?
  2. Jam berapa operasi Tn. Patrick dimulai?
  3. Apakah klinik Maju Mundur buka 24 jam, suster?
  4. Apakah ini jalan yang benar untuk menuju ruang Teratai?
  5. Tolong tunjukkan kepada saya arah ke Toilet!

Semoga Bermanfaat Sahabat SBI!

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