Dongeng Rapunzel Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terupdate

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Dongeng Rapunzel Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terupdate

Sekolahbahasainggris– Apakah kalian menyukai kisah tentang Rapunzel? Rapunzel adalah kisah sang gadis berambut panjang. Nah untuk lebih jelasnya, silahkan baca dongeng berikut:

Dongeng Rapunzel Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terupdate
Dongeng Rapunzel Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terupdate


Once upon a time, there were a couples who are eager to have a child. They were Feeling sad and lonely which covered all the time they have. But someday, surprisingly, the wife had a sign which indicated her was in pregnant. They were so very happy about it. They jump and say yes.

But the pleasure they have did not run long. The wife fell ill. The husband also confused because there was no cure or heal that can help her. But suddenly there was an old woman who suggested taking rampion flower that only grew in the hills.

The husband also went to take rampion flowers to be used to cure his wife. Turns out of the place where the flowers grew was a region of an evil wizard stayed. The husband had not have another option, if he did not get it, his wife would die. He finally ventured to take the rampion flower. But unfortunately his efforts failed, the evil which kept the rampion flower caught him stealing flowers in the garden.

“How dare you are stealing flowers in the garden!!!” Said the wizard’s wrath.

“Please forgive me. My wife is pregnant and now she is ill. The only medicine that can help curing her is Only rampion flower.” The husband pleaded

“Hahahahahha … Hahahahah … Hahahahah …” suddenly the witch laugh.

“You may bring rampion flowers from my garden as much as you need. And I also forgive your acts on this. But on one condition. You have to give the child that would be born to me. And Do not worry, I will treat the child as a child as my own “said the wizard.

The husband also confused. Eventually he chose to approve the requirement for safety’s wife, herself and the children were later born. And when the baby is born, the witch appeared and gave the baby’s name was Rapunzel and pick it up from the arms of their parents.

Rapunzel grew into a very beautiful girl. When she was 12 years old, the wizard locked in a high tower in the middle of the forest. The tower did not have stairs or doors, only a small window at the top of the tower. And when the witch came to visit, she ordered Rapunzel to lose her hair.

Yup, Rapunzel was blessed with a very beautiful hair, long and shiny as gold. Rapunzel must derive the hair through the window down and with Rapunzel’s hair was the wizard can climb to the top of the tower.

After several years of living in the tower, a handsome prince who was hunting in the woods accidentally heard beautiful singing coming from the tower. He tried to found out and wanted to get into the tower but did not find the door or stairs to climb to the top. The prince was desperate and decided to go home. But he heard singing which touched his heart. Therefore, every day he went into the woods and heard. One time he saw a magician came to the tower and said:
“Rapunzel, Rapunzel ,, Extend your hair down for me.”

As always Rapunzel lowered the hair to the witch went upward.

To the next day, the prince came and tried the same way as the magician was doing. He said
“Rapunzel, Rapunzel ,, Extend your hair down for me.”

Successfully! Rapunzel’s hair fell down and the prince climbed to the top.

Rapuzel was shocked and scared when it turns out a handsome prince, who rise to the top. Rapunzel had never met anyone other than the witch. But the prince’s speech smoothly and friendly making sure Rapunzel. The prince told why he venture into the tower. They talked so happily. And they was falling in love each other in the first impression. Rapunzel was very surprised when later the prince asked her to marry him. And Rapunzel told yes.

“I will go with you, but I do not know how to get out of here.” Said Rapunzel. “Bring me a roll of silk every time you come in. And I’m going to weave the silk rope. When the rope was ready, I will come down and take you to the palace.” Said Prince.

They also agreed and asked the prince to come at night because the wizard would come during the day. But one day, when the wizard wanted to climb to the top, Rapunzel thought it was the prince whom she loved.
“My dear Prince, why are you so heavy today?” Rapunzel said.

“Prince ???” Witch surprised. “I think, I have separated you from the outside world. I was wrong.” Wizard said angrily.

By the wrath of the Witch took the scissors and cut Rapuzel’s long hair and throw into the desert. Then the wizard would find out who the people that visit Rapunzel every day by having hair like Rapunzel. Sure, the prince was coming, the wizard also lowered Rapunzel’s hair which had been cut.

When the prince climbed to the top, he was surprised, it was not Rapunzel, It was the evil witch.

“Hahhha..Rapunzel has gone. You’ll never seen her forever.” Said wizard.

The prince was sad and desperate. Finally he jumped from the tower to escape from the witch. But unfortunately, the thorns pierced into two eyes when falling. The prince became blind. He felt hurt and walked aimlessly lament his fate whose lost the woman he loved. So long running aimlessly; up to take him to the desert where Rapunzel in the exhaust. That’s where the prince heard beautiful singing that will never be forgotten. Yes, it belongs to his girlfriend was singing well, Rapunzel.

They both finally reunited. Rapunzel cease to cry, conditions whom she loved was scarred and blind. The miracle happened, Rapunzel’s tears dripped into the eyes of the prince, and the magic to the two eyes of the prince opened and he could see again. The prince was brought Rapunzel returned to the palace, and they both lived happily forever.

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