Contoh Soal ‘Reflexive Pronoun’ Beserta Jawaban Lengkap

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Contoh Soal ‘Reflexive Pronoun’ Beserta Jawaban Lengkap


Contoh Soal 'Reflexive Pronoun' Beserta Jawaban Lengkap
Contoh Soal ‘Reflexive Pronoun’ Beserta Jawaban Lengkap


Agar bahasa inggris dari sahabat SBI semua semakin bagus, maka kita harus sering-sering berlatih, because english is habit. Berlatih bahasa inggris bisa sahabat SBI lakukan dengan cara mengerjakan soal-soal bahasa inggris, seperti berikut ini admin akan memberikan soal kepada sahabat SBI yang berhubungan dengan reflexive pronoun beserta denga jawaban nya, seperti apa kira-kira? yuk langsung saja kita coba untuk mengerjakan nya 🙂

Complete the sentences with reflexive pronouns.

1.Are you okay, Heidi? Did you hurt______?

2.David was really embarassed when he had to go to the job interview with a bandage on his face. He had cut_____while he was shaving.

3.Do you ever talk to______? most people talk to_____sometimes

4.It is important for all of us to have confidence in our own abilities. We need to believe in_______

5.Sara is self-employed. She doesn’t have a boss. She works for____

6.Steve, who is on the wrestling team, wishes______good luck before each match.

7.There’s plenty of food on the table. would all of you please simply help_____to the food?

8.Brian, don’t blame______for the accident. It wasn’t your fault. You did everything you could to avoid it.

9.I couldn’t believe my good luck! I had to pinch_____to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

10.A newborn puppy can’t take care of_____

11.I know Nicole and Paul have had some bad luck, but it’s time for them to stop feeling sorry for_____and get on with their lives.

12.Jane and I ran into someone she knew. I’d never met this person before. I waited for Jane to introduce me, but she forgot her manners. I finally introduced_____to Jane’s friend.


  1. yourself
  2. himself
  3. yourself,theirselves
  4. ourselves
  5. herself
  6. himself
  7. yourself
  8. yourself
  9. myself
  10. itself
  11. theirselves
  12. myself

Happy Studying Dan Semoga Bermanfaat Ya Sahabat SBI 🙂