Soal No 1-15 Soal TOEFL Structure And Written Expression

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Soal No 1-15 Soal TOEFL Structure And Written Expression

Sekolahbahasainggris- Yuk sahabat berlatih soal TOEFL Structure and Written Expression dibawah ini:

Soal No 1-15 Soal TOEFL Structure And Written Expression
Soal No 1-15 Soal TOEFL Structure And Written Expression


  1. ______ at 212 degrees F. And freezes at 32 degrees F.

(A) Waters boils

(B) The water boils

(C) Water boils

(D) Waters boil

  1. The religion attempts to clarify mankind’s relationship with a superhuman power

                   A                                      B               C                                                   D


  1. When Franklin Roosevelt became very ill. Is wife began to take a more active role in politics, and many people believed that_________ and the president shared his responsibilities.

(A) She

(B) Her

(C) Herself

(D) Hers

  1. We know that in 1000 AD LEIF Eriksson landed on the north American coast, and that him and

                                           A                                                B

his Norwegian companions were the first white men to see the New World.

                                                      C                                             D


  1. _________Trees is a custom that many people engage in to celebrate Arbor Day.

(A) The plant

(B) Plant

(C) Planting

(D) To planting

  1. Spell correctly is easy with the aid of word processing programs for personal computers.

                A           B                                                    C                                           D


  1. ________at home requires only three types of chemicals, several pieces of simple equipment,

and running water.

(A) For the development

(B) To develop Film

(C) When film is developed

(D) In developing Film

  1. Use a stethoscope enables a physician to hear sounds produced in the body, especially heart

              A                                    B                               C                                      D

and lung sounds.


  1. _______large natural lakes are found I the States of South California.

(A) There are no

(B) No the

(C) Is not

(D) No

  1. One of the primary cause of accidents in coal mines is the accumulation of gas.

         A                                      B           C                                        D


  1. ________was caused by breathing impure air was once a common belief.

(A) Malaria

(B)That Malaria

(C) Why malaria

(D) Because malaria

  1. What do Ecologist call a “gallery Forest” is a narrow strip of woods along a stream in an open

                       A                                                          B  C                         D



  1. Arizona_____ a very dry climate

(A) Has

(B) Being

(C) Having

(D) With

  1. The theory of continent Drift assumes that there______ long term climatic change in many areas during the past.

(A) Must have been

(B) Must be

(C) Must have

(D) Must

  1. The money needed to start and continue operating a business know as capital.

                          A                          B                                  C                                    D

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