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Penjelasan Hortatory Exposition Text Beserta Contoh  – Buat Sahabat SBI yang pernah membaca sebuah artikel dan isi artikel tersebut merupakan sebuah ajakan atau bujukan untuk melakukan sesuatu?? Tidak salah lagi itu adalah teks yang tergolong Hortatory Exposition Text.

Untuk lebih memahami mengenai apa itu hortatory exposition text dan bagaimana cara membuat teks jenis ini. Baca dan Pahami Kerangka dan Text hortatory tentang mempunyai sebuah perpustakaan pribadi dirumah seutuhnya. Check this out!!!


Thesis Statement : Having a private library at home is a good decicion.

1. It brings satisfaction by collecting books. ( Paragraph 1 )

– It is challenging.

–  Collecting books is an interesting hobby.

2. It ornates our home.  ( Paragraph 2)

– A home which has a private library looks more artistic.

– It brings people who visit the home exited.

3. Get more knowledge.  ( Paragraph 3 )

– By collecting book we will be motivated to read book.

– Get communicated with world.

 hortatory exposition

It is a good decision for people who have extra-money to shop some books and make a private library at their homes. What many Indonesian people  might never strive to complete their beautiful life is making a library at their homes. Library which many people consider as a boring place to visit or to spend their time for actually is a nice interesting place which in some modern countries has been set in their homes. Having a library at home can bring many advantages. The first is it brings satisfaction for us when we can collect many books like collecting stamps. Next it ornates our homes. It also makes us get more knowledge.

Why I said that it brings satisfaction is that because when we have successfully collected many good books, there is a kind of feeling proud of ourselves, because collecting books which have good quality is not easy, such these books must be expensive or difficult to find. It is like collecting something which needs effort to get it. It is challenging and amusing. Many people spend their money to buy stamps, paintings, pictures, or something unique. So are books, books are considered as valuable, useful, and precise things to be collected which are arranged  in the bookshelf tidily, then it becomes a library. So that’s why I said that it is an interesting hobby.

No matter whether we have read all our books collection or not, having many books keeps giving advantages. People who have read many books are considered have much knowledge, so are we if we have a library at our home.we will be considered intellectual by people who visit our home and see our books collection, eventhough we haven’t read the books, at least for first impression. It can be a good ornament for our homes and it makes our homes looks more artistic. Although it can fool people who visit our home but it makes them exited to our home.

The most important thing that we must set as a main purpose of having a library at our home is getting the contents of the books. Having many books without reading the books is like saving garbages at our homes. For many people, reading book is a boring activity and some think that it makes sleepy, but having many books will drive us feel guilty to not reading the books. It will motivate us to read more and more, and finish all the books. The more we have  books that we have not read the more we feel guilty. Beside that we can also broaden our knowledge. Books give many information about world. We can get communicated with world as if we open the window of the world.

Having a library at home is however considered important. Collecting books and building a library at home offer many profits. Those who have had their own library with their favourite books spend their leisure time to increase their knowledge. They tend to speak confidently since they are more intellectual. No matter they have consumed all their collection, it keeps giving profit. Those who displayed their collection get more respect from people who visit their home. So there is no doubt to make a library at home.