Kumpulan Soal Reading Part III Beserta Kunci Jawaban Lengkap

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Kumpulan Soal Reading Part III Beserta Kunci Jawaban Lengkap



Kumpulan Soal Reading Part III Beserta Kunci Jawaban Lengkap
Kumpulan Soal Reading Part III Beserta Kunci Jawaban Lengkap


Hai guys! bagaimana kabarnya sahabat SBI yang sedang bersemangat belajar bahasa inggris? Sahabat SBI, padakesempatan kali ini kita akan belajar bahasa inggris melalui soal ya? kita akan berlatih mengerjakan soal, eits tapi jangan kawatir karena admin juga akan memberikan kunci jawaban kepada sahabat SBI semua.

Materi kita kali ini berhubungan dengan reading text, sering kan sahabat SBI belajar mengenai reading dalam bahasa inggris? yaitu sebuah text bahasa inggris yang berisi ide pokok atau suatu gagasan. Tak usah lama-lama, langsung saja sahabat SBI coba mengerjakan nya ya 🙂

Reading 1

Although the earlier scientific ideas date back to early recorded history. physics as we know it today began with Galileo Galilei (1564-1642). Indeed, Galileo and his successor Isaac Newton (1642-1727) created a revolution in scientific thought. The physics that developed over the next three centuries. Reacing is culmination with the electromagnetic theory of light in the latter half of the  19th century. is now referred to as classical physics. By the turn of the century, it seemed that the physical world was very well understood. but in the early years of the century, new ideas and new experiments in physics indicated that some aspects of classical physics did not work for the tiny world of the atom or for objects traveling at very high speed. This brought on a second great revolution in physics, which gave birth to what is now called modern physics.

The principle aim of all sciences, including physics, is generally considered to be the ordering of the complex appearences detected b our senses-that is, an ordering of what we often refer to as the “world around as” many people think of science as a mechanical process of collecting facts and devising theories. This is not the case. Science is a creative activity that in many respects resembles other creative activities of the human mind.

1.According to the passage, physics did not begin until

a.early recorded history

b.the time of galileo

c.the 20th century

D.the formulation of the electromagnetic theory.

2.Which of the following could classical theories of physics not explain?

a.recorded history

b.newton’s experiments

c.the world of the atom

d.electromagnetic theory

3.The age of classical physics dated from about

a.1564 to 1642

b.1564 to 1900

c.1850 to 1900

d.1642 to 1727

4.the author of the passage defines the complex appearences detected by our senses (line 11) as our

a.eye, ear and nose

b.visions of the future

c.knowledge of physics


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Reading 2

Stories are often told about telephone operator all over the united states getting inquiries about foreign long-distance rates to new mexico. The post office in Albuquerque receives US mail affixed with international airmail stamps. The occasional first-time visitor will bring a passport. Although it has been a part of the U.S since 1912, new mexico’s 122,000 square miles can seem like a foreign country to those unfamiliar with it. More than any other state, square miles can seem like a foreign country to those unfamiliar with it. More than any other state, square miles can seem like a foreign country to those unfamiliar with it. More than any other state, it has held on to-and nurtered-its historic roots. Spanish flow easily from the lips of residents. Native Americans still live in ancient cities built by their forbears and participate in age-old traditions.

Yet new mexico, which has a history and culture traceable for thousands of years, is perhaps the most american of all the states. it could be said that it is the cardle of this country’s civilization. long before european feet trod on plymouth rock, they left footprints in new mexico.

Although the presence of man in new mexico can be traced back more than 25,000 years, it is generally thought that today’s pueblo indians are descendents of the anasazi, a culture that flourished from before the birth of christ to the thirteenth century. the anasazi and their descendants were mostly peaceful people, agrarian and social, who lived together in small villages.

5.what is the main topic of this passage?

a.the anasazi way of life

b.the geography of the southwest

c.a history of new mexico

d.various native american tribes

6.According to the passage, when did man first appear in new mexico?

a.about 25.000 years ago

b.at around the thirteenth century

c.at the time of the arrival of europeans

d.since 1912

7.The author implies, but does not state, that

A.the anasazi proceded the pueblo indians

b.new mexico is one of the largest states in the U.S

c.many people consider new mexico part of mexico

d.The anasazi were farmers

8.In the first paragraph, the phrase “native americans” could best be replaced by which of the followng?

a.the anasazi

b.pueblo indians

c.new mexicians

d.albuquerque residents

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Demikian contoh soal bahasa inggris, semoga bermanfaat untuk sahabat SBI semua 🙂