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Kesempatan kali ini admin akan membagikan kumpulan soal bahasa inggris bagi adik-adik SBI kelas 8 SMP yang membutuhkan soal bahasa inggris untuk latihan belajar dirumah. Soal bahasa inggris kelas 8 ini berguna untuk mengasah pemahaman materi bahasa inggris yang telah dipelajari selama setengah semester. Semoga bermanfaat. Baca juga contoh soal ulangan harian bahasa inggris.

Soal Mid Semester Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII

Read the dialogue carefully and then answer the questions

Feri                          : Hi, girls

Nicole and Sandra: Hi, Ferri

Ferri                         : Hey, long time no see you, Nicole. Where have you been?

Nicole                      : I went travelling with my parents  last holiday

Sandra                     : Where did you go Nicole?

Nicole                      : Amsterdam

Ferri                         : Good for you. I think Amsterdam is a beautiful city

Nicole                      : I agree with you

Sandra                     : Did you enjoy your trip?

Nicole                      : Yep. Travelling is so much fun. I wish I had more time off.

Sandra                     : I think so. Ferri, do you like travelling?

Ferri                         :Ummm……..well, in my opinion, travelling is just wasting money.

Nicole                      : I’m afraid I have to disagree with you. I believe that travelling is

                                     good for refreshing.

  1. Where did Nicole go last holiday?
  2. With whom did he go there?
  3. Does Ferri have the same opinion with Sandra? What does he say to express his mind?
  4. Beside so much fun,what does Nicole think about travelling?

Read the text and answer the questions!

VACANCYNative Speaker English Teachers

Required Exp/C TEFL preferred

Ph Lois 854701-92, 8 a.m – 8 p.m

Monday to Saturday

  1. What job is required in the advertisement?
  2. Who may apply for the job?
  3. How long does the job application open everyday?
  4. Does the vacancy open on Sunday?
  5. The word ‘required’ is similar in meaning to: called, help, trained, needed

Complete the dialogue with the expressions provided in the box

-By the way                       – Congratulation                                          – It,s nice talking to you-Can I speak to Laila?       – Furthermore                                             – What a smart girl, you are-Can you call me Laila?   – Could you lend me your history book? – How smart are you

Laila: Hello

Ida   : Hello, (10)……………?

Laila : Laila’s speaking

Ida    : Laila, I didn’t join the class this morning. (11)…………..? I need to copy it.

Laila  : Sure, please. Take it at my home. Why didn,t you go to school, Ida?

Ida    : I joined the English Speech Contest.

Laila  : Really?, (12)………, who was the winner?

Ida    : Hmm….It,s me.

Laila : Were you? Great! (13)……….for your achievement.

Ida    : Thanks

Laila : (14)………you have also won the math olympiad, right?

            (15)……….. I really want to be like you

Ida   : Thanks a lot, Laila. You can also get the success if you always study and work

            hard. Well, I think that’s all enough. (16) ………….. See you

Laila: See you.

Complete the dialogue with suitable expressions!                                                      . Rere      : (17 )………..some cold water? I,m so thirsty now.                                                    Ayu       : Sure. Take it yourself in the refrigerator

Rere     : Thanks. You look so busy with your work. What are you doing, Ayu?

Ayu      : That,s right. I,m still finishing my English project.

Rere    : (18)…………….?

Ayu     : No, thanks. I can handle it by myself. Any way, were you happy with your

              trip to Jakarta?

Rere    : (19). Yes,…………

Dimas : Do you agree if we go to the zoo next holiday?

Tomi   : (20)………… We can see many kinds of animals there

soal mid semester bahasa inggris smp

Read the text and answer the questions

Xtream Cream & Xtream white

Skin whitening cream


Now low price


Buy one jar of Xtream Cream & Xtream white

For only Rp 25,000.00


Buy two jars and get the third one for free


Xtream & Xtream White

*Lighten the skin within two weeks (with continued use)

*For  women of all skin tones

*Contains vitamin C and E to protect your lighter tone

  1. What is the advertisement about?
  2. How many jars can we get if we buy with Rp 50.000 for the product?
  3. How long will our skin become lighter when using Xtream Cream & Xtream white?

23.Who is the product offerred for?

Complete the following text with the correct words provided in the box

museum                              holiday                                  town

amazing                               attractions                           festival

Dear Monica


Hi, Monic! I am in Manado, in my uncle’s (24)…….. I arrieved here two days ago. Yesterday, I went to the art (25)…….held in the town square. I could see many (26)……..performed. I think it is true that people here are creative and (27)…….


Anyway, I hope you also have a great (28)………






                           Please join us as we selebrate

Our parents’ 40th Anniversary Paul and Opal Wright

Friday, May 7th, 6.30 p.m – 10 p.m

Our New Home

Komplek TSI Duri Kosambi


(dinner will be served)

RSVP 54390186 ( Elsa/Natalia/Eliza)


Diah Ayu


  1. What is the purpose of the text?
  2. Who has the party?
  3. What is the invitation about?
  4. From the text we know that Diah Ayu is Mr. Paul’s………
  5. Will the party be held in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening?


Semoga bermanfaat Para Pembaca Setia SBI 🙂