Kumpulan Soal ‘Active Partivciple’ Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Pembahasan

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Kumpulan Soal ‘Active Partivciple’ Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Pembahasan


Kumpulan Soal 'Active Partivciple' Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Pembahasan
Kumpulan Soal ‘Active Partivciple’ Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Pembahasan


Apakah sahabat SBI masih ingat apa yang dimaksud dengan active participle? pada materi sebelumnya kita sudah pernah membahas mengenai tema tersebut bukan? Sedikit mengulas mengenai active participle dalam bahasa inggris, yang dimaksud dengan active participle yaitu kata kerja (verb) yag ditambah dengan +ing sehingga membentuk noun modifier atau  clause modifier. Berikut ini admin akan memberikan contohnya kepada sahabat SBI semua, penasaran seperti apa? yuk langsung lihat dan coba kerjakan 🙂

1.I like all abstract paintngs_____by famous painters especially Affandi.



C.Which are drawing

D.which draw

Jawaban : B

Key word : By

2.His grandfather usually walks around the garden to see the blooming flowers . This underline words means_____

A.Flowers that are going to bloom

B.Flowers that are blooming

C.Flowers that will be blooming

D.Flowers that have been blooming

Jawaban : B

Key Word : The blooming flowers

3.Mr Indra demanded through research, complete and well-written_____report.





Jawaban : D

Key word : report

4.Network employees of associated companies are not allowed to participate in TV quiz games. Choose the one word or phrase which would best keep the meaning of the original sentence if it were substituted for the underlined word.





Jawaban : B

Key Word : Associated

5._____a sharp axe, he cut down the tree easily


B.To used

C.To using

D.Have used

Jawaban : A

key word : A sharp axe

6.Do you know the man____in the third row from our left?

A.is sat

B.was sitting



Jawaban : C

key word : Know the man

7.____taking over the leadership of this project is what made it succeed.



C.She is

D.Her having

Jawaban : A

Key word : taking over;is

8.Soekarno,______one of the strongest Indonesian President, served from 1945 to 1965.

A.was considered



D.is considered

Jawabaan : C

Key word : one of the strongest Indonesian president

9.The federal reserve system,____under president wilson, plays a key role in regulating the U.S Economy.

A.the establishment in 1993

B.was established in 1913

C.Established in 1913

D.In 1913 they established it

Jawaban : C

Key word : Under president wilson

10._____in 1937, The golden gate bridge spans the chanel at the entrance to San Francisco bay.




D.To complete

Jawaban : B

Key word : the golden gate bridge

Selamat mencoba ya sahabat SBI dan semoga bermanfaat 🙂

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