Kumpulan Soal “Active Dan Passive” Paling Lengkap

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Kumpulan Soal “Active Dan Passive” Paling Lengkap


Kumpulan Soal "Active Dan Passive" Paling Lengkap
Kumpulan Soal “Active Dan Passive” Paling Lengkap


Materi bahasa inggris dasar tidak lepas dari kalimat active dan passive, apakah sahabat SBI masih ingat apa yang dimaksud dengan kalimat active dan kalimat passive dalam bahasa inggris? Sedikit mengulas mengenai kalimat active dan kalimat passive. Kalimat active merupakan kalimat dimana subjectnya melakukan sebuah pekerjaa atau aktivitas, sedangkan kalimat passive adalah kalimat dimana subject nya menjadi penderita. Agar sahabat SBI lebih menguasai nya, disini admin berikan kumpulan soal mengenai active dan passive dalam bahasa inggris. Check this out!

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb (active or passive) in parantheses.

1.Yesterday our teacher (arrive)______five minutes late

2.The morning paper (read)______by over 200,000 people every day

3.Last ight my favorite TV program (interrupt)______by a special news bulletin.

4.That’s not my coat. It (belong)_____to Louise

5.Our mail (deliver)_____before noon every day

6.The ‘b’ in ‘comb’ (pronunce, not)_____it is silent

7.A bad accident (happen)____on highway 95 last night.

8.When I (arrive)_______at the airport yesterday, I (meet)_____by my cousin and a couple of her friends.

9.Yesterday I (hear)_____about margaret’s divorce. I (surprise)______by the news. Janice (shock)______

10.A new house (build)______next to ours next year

11.Roberto (write)_____this composition last week, that one (write)_____by abdullah.

12.Radium (discover)______by Marie and pierre curie in 1898

13.At the soccer game yesterday, the winning goal (kick)_____by luigi. Over 100,000 people (attend)_____the soccer game.

14.A : do you understand the explanation in the book?

B : No, I don’t. I (confuse)_____by it.

15.A : where are you going to go to school next year?

B : I (accept)______by shorelin community college.

16.A : I think football is too violent

B : I (agree)______with you. I (prefer)_____baseball.

17.A : when (your bike, steal)________?

B : two days ago

18.A : (you, pay)_______your electric bill yet?

B : No, I haven’t, but I’d better pay it today. If I don’t, my electricity (shut off)_____by the power company.

19.A : Did you hear about the accident?

B : No, what (happen)__________?

A : A bicylist (hit)________by a taxi in front of the dorm.

B : (the bicyclist, injure)________?

A : yes, someone (call)_______an ambulance. the bicyclist (take)_____to city hospital and (treat)_____in the emergency ward for cuts and bruises.

B : what (happen)_______to the taxi driver?

A : He (arrest)______for reckless driving

B : He’s lucky that the bicyclist (kill, not)_______

Selamat mengerjakan dan tetap semangat sahabat SBI 🙂