Kumpulan Kata Benda ( Noun ) Bentukan Adjective Beserta Contoh Kalimat Terlengkap

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Kumpulan Kata Benda ( Noun ) Bentukan Adjective Beserta Contoh Kalimat Terlengkap

Kumpulan Kata Benda ( Noun ) Bentukan Adjective Beserta Contoh Kalimat Terlengkap – Sebelumnya admin telah memberikan contoh adjective yang terbentuk dari Noun. Dan tidak adil rasanya jika admin tidak memberikan contoh kata benda yang terbentuk dari kata sifat melalui proses derivation atau penambahan imbuhan. Langsung saja kita lihat contoh kata benda bentukan adjective besert contoh kalimat berikut ini!

Noun dari kata adjective

Noun Bentukan Adjective

1). Ment (productive)

  • Achievement : we raised the grade level by the achievement.
  • Amusement : I went to the Amusement Park.
  • Commitment : I made a commitment to my parents that I would be back by 10.
  • Equipment : A dentist needs to have a lot of equipment to fix teeth.

2). Al (improductive)

  • Betrayal : He never forgave his wife’s betrayal.
  • Renewal : Your drivers licence is due for renewal”.
  • Withdrawal : Togepi used withdrawal
  • Bestowal : He accepted the bestowal of Queen.
  • Naval : The first naval battle in history between aircraft carriers was the battle of

   the Coral Sea in 1942.

3). T (improductive)

  • Complaint : I filed a complaint to the hotel manager’.
  • Pursuit : The rich girl was definitely in the pursuit of happiness.
  • Extent : She tried to determine the extent of the damage

4). Ance/ence (productive)

  • Assistance : The perfect Personal Assistant is able to provide assistance before their

   bosses even realize that they need it.

  • Acquaintance : He is just my acquaintance
  • Conveyance : This company can rent any type of conveyance for the transportation of

  the wedding party.

  • Resemblance : The two cousins had a resemblance to their grandfather.
  • Maintenance : We are working on the maintenance of the car

5). Tion (productive)

  • Appreciation : They showed no appreciation of all the effort I had made for


  • Assertion : He is making assertions that he will not take that job
  • Celebration : This is a great ‘celebration’ that you planned.
  • Communication : Letters, emails, and texts are a common forms of communication.

6). Ation (productive)

  • Adaptation : Animals have special adaptations to survive in special environments.
  • Adoration : Mere words can never describe my adoration for her.
  • Continuation : The series was a continuation of an old superhero comic.
  • Starvation : Starvation is a leading cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Temptation : I have a temptation to play video games and have fun.

7). Ition (improductive)

  • Competition : I follow a big competition.
  • Deposition : The deposition of sediment along the mouth of the river was great.
  • Exposition : The student wrote an exposition about conserving energy.
  • Proposition : We get better results for their business proposition online.

8). Ification (improductive)

  • Amplification : A laser uses light amplification.
  • Beautification : I am trying to spur my spiritual beautification.
  • Clarification : The student asked the teacher for clarification of the problem.

9). Ure (improductive)

  • Mixture : The children made a mixture of a peculiar solvent and solution during

  science class.

  • Pressure : A pressure cooker is designed to cook food more quickly.
  • Procedure : The manager called a meeting to review new policies and procedures.
  • Literature : In highschool, we began to study literature.

10). Sion

  • Conclusion : A statement will be read at the conclusion of the meeting.
  • Inclusion : The inclusion for the Project made us closer.
  • Division : I like this division of work.
  • Revision : the student made one key revision.
  • Provision : All these boxes makes a lot provision for the journey in Haiti.

11). Ssion

  • Admission : The Police questioned the suspect, he eventually gave a full and frank


  • Permission : Written permission of the copyright holder is not required in these


  • Remission : His cancer was in a state of remission, as no damaged cells were found.
  • Succession : I regularly enter my answers in succession.
  • Procession : There was a procession through the center of town in memory of soldiers

  who have died

12). Y, ery

  • Bravery : The bravery and strength of the nation can defy any form of fear
  • Delivery : Order by telephone, fax or online for a speedy delivery.
  • Discovery : The discovery of the apple was blue
  • Mastery : Linguistics professors must have a mastery of all common words in


  • Scenery : Clare designs scenery for plays and productions

13). Ness

  • Awareness : Sally wanted to raise awareness about the pollution in her town.
  • Eagerness : The mother was irritated because of his eagerness to go to the party
  • Happiness : Everybody wants happiness, but some people don’t know how to get it
  • Sadness : He was full of sadness
  • Seriousness : The seriousness of his injury had his family worried that he might die.

14). Ity

  • Activity : I prefer an activity to sitting around.
  • Captivity : The prisoner was held in captivity for 30 years after killing the man.
  • Hostility : There was some hostility between the fighters.
  • Sensitivity : A person with a cavity may experience tooth sensitivity.

15). Dom

  • Freedom : Freedom of speech is important to Americans.
  • Kingdom : The king has a beautiful kingdom.

16). Ship

  • Friendship : We had developed this friendship
  • Relationship : She has a good relationship with her parents.
  • Partnership : He entered into business partnership with his best friend.

17). Hood

  • Brotherhood : When boys have another boy siblings they have brotherhood.
  • Childhood : Mazie spent her childhood in the country and knows how to grow a


18).  E, se, z, v


  • Bathe : I like to bathe in the evenings before I go to bed.
  • Breathe : Breathe in and breathe out, for you must breathe to live.
  • Devise : I will devise an effective plan for eliminating the pests.
  • Live : I live in Canada.
  • Grieve : I grieve the loss of my grandfather.

Agent Noun
1). Er, or

  • Teacher : The school has a new science teacher.
  • Editor : The yearbook editor has a keen eye for detail.
  • Beginner : I study English at Columbia as beginner.
  • Builder : My father is a builder of building.
  • Commander : I listen to my Commander and every single one of his commands.

2). Ant, ent

  • Assistant : The First Lady seems to appreciate having a personal assistant.
  • Attendant : Sally asked the flight attendant to bring her a pillow because her neck

  was sore.

  • Consultant : She is a great consultant.
  • Resident : He is a resident of the apartment complex.
  • President : The President is a good personality.