Kisi – Kisi Soal Ujian Bahasa Inggris SD Terbaru

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Kisi – Kisi Soal Ujian Bahasa Inggris SD Terbaru

Kisi – Kisi Soal Ujian Bahasa Inggris SD Terbaru – Sahabat dan adik-adik SBI, kesempatan kali admin akan membagikan Kisi – kisi soal ujian bahasa inggri tingkat SD. Semoga bermanfaat.



1. Teacher : Okay, students. I think the time is up. Thank you for your attention.
Good bye.
Students : ….
a. Daaaa b. Good bye c. See you d. Farewell

2. Anto : I forgot to bring my pen
May I have yours ?
Anita : of course, ….
a. here b. Please c. here you are d. here is the money

3. Tika and Lisa are speaking loudly in the classroom. What will the teacher says ….
a. don’t litter b. don’t be coward c. stop d. don’t be noisy

4. Dita : Excuse me, Sir. …… go to the bathroom ?

Teacher : Yes, please
a. May I b. Can I c. Would you mind d. Would you

5. Students : How to make a descriptive text, Sir ?
Teacher : Okay, …. !
Do it this way !. Stretch your arms and hold your hand each other
a. Follow me b. come here c. take me d. here it is

6. Retno : I need a pen. But I don’t bring my pencil case
Can I …. yours ?
Bayu : Sorry, I only have one
Yunita : Never mind
a. want b. make c. be d. have

7. Ahmad : Will we have a test tomorrow, Sir ?
Teacher : Pardon
Ahmad : ….
Teacher : Sure, you should study hard tonight.
a. Thank you b. May I have a test c. No way d. Will we have a test tomorrow

8. A : Where is the bank ?
B : It is …. the school
a. beside c. behind b. accross d. in front of

9. A : May I have this ?
B : …. , I only have one
A : Never mind. I will borrow my brother
a. Sorry b. Sure c. Yes, you may d. No, you can not

11. A : This room is so hot
Would you mind ….the window ?
B : No, of course not
A : Thanks
B : You are welcome
a. open b. to open c. opened d. opening

12. In April 2015, there was a big flood in Jakarta. It destroyed everything there. It claimed five persons in death. A lots of people lost their wealth and cost a deep sadness.
What is the conclussion of the text above ?
a. flood cost a deep sadness c. lots of people lost their wealth
b. it claimed 5 persons in death d. in June 2011

13. 1. Pour the coffee and sugar into the glass
2. Stir well
3. Prepare a glass
4. Pour hot water
The best arragement is ….
a. 3-1-2-4       b. 1-2-3-4    c. 4-3-1-2         d. 3-1-4-2

14. Udin : The weather is so hot
Dika : Anything i could do for you ?
Udin : Would you help me ….the fan ?
Dika : Sure
a. turn off b. close c. open d. turn on

16. Student : The floor is dirty
Let us …. the yard together ?
Teacher : Yes, of course
a. mop b. sweep c. take d. clean

19. Andi : The suitcase is heavy
Could you …. me lift up this suitcase ?
Saras : Of course, my pleasure.
a. helping b. take c. borrow d. help

21. A : It’s time for English lesson
I don’t bring my ruler a. borrow
B : Can I help you ? b. like
A : Sure. May I …. your ruler ? c. sweep
B : Of course, here you are d. send

22.                                                                                               Go to school
I am Icha. I study in Teladan elementary school. Today I go to school on foot because my bicycle is damage. I bring my white bag. In my bag, there are books and pencil case. In my pencil case, there are two pencils, three pens, one rubber, and one correction pen.
What is the title of the text above ?
a. Icha b. My pencil box c. My school d. Going to school

23. Where does Icha study ?
a. elementary school c. Nusantara elementary school
b. at school d. today

24. Does she go to school by motorcycle ?
a. Yes, she does b. No, she does not c. No, she is not d. No, she does

25. Why does Icha go to school on foot ?
a. because her bicycle is broken                                              c. go to school on foot
b. because she study in Nusantara elementary school      d. because she is sick

26. What is the conclussion of the text above ?
a. Keysha’s school c. Nusantara elementary school
b. Keysha’s bag      d. Keysha and her school equipment

29. Onceupon a time, there was couple near the top of mount Bromo. They were JokoSeger and Roro Anteng. They did not have a child for long time married. He dreamed that he would get descendant on one condition that he had to sacrifice his child to crater of Bromo. Finally, Roro Anteng gave birth twenty five children in a year. But he forgot to sacrifice his child so that mount of Bromo was angry and exploded. The explosion stopped when one of his child, Kusuma fall down to the crater. Since then people of Tengger held an annual ceremony to give offerings.
What is the topic or mainidea of the text above ?
a. History of Tengger people held an offerings ceremony
b. Joko Seger and Roro Anteng didn’t have a child
c. There lived a couple near Bromo
d. People of Tengger

30. A : How to make a glass of tea Guys?
B : It is easy. ………………
B : 1. Pour the tea into the glass
2. Pour hot water
3. Stir well, and
4. It is ready to serve
a. do like this      c. It is good
b. It’s delicious   d. Take it, please

31. Andika : I want to go to the bathroom,
but it is dark there. I am afraid
Can you help …. me to the toilet, please !
Anton : Sure, come on !
Andika  : Thanks
Anton : You are welcome
a. give    b. to    c. go     d. take

Kisi - kisi ujian bahasa inggris SD

33. A : The blackboard is full of writing
B : Yes, you are right
A : Would you please …. the blackboard ?
B : Sure, I would
a. mop    b. clean     c. take     d. sweep

34. Next month will be a holiday for the fifth  grade students of SDN Teladan Metro. They plan to go to Mutun Beach, Lampung. They want to see a beautiful ….
a. beach     c. waterfall
b. cafe        d. swimming pool

35. Last month I was in Paris for my holiday. I went to walk around the city of Paris with all my family. The scenery was very beautiful and the people were really friendly. I was glad to be there because I learnt English so much. That was my beautiful experience.
The conclusion of the text above is ?
a. the city of Paris                  c. beautiful experience in Paris
b. I learnt English so much  d. the scenery was very beautiful

Semoga Bermanfaat !!!