English Vocabulary : Synonim, Antonym, dan Contoh Kalimat

English Vocabulary : Synonim, Antonym, dan Contoh Kalimat – Hai Sahabat SBI, Kali ini admin akan memberikan lagi Kosakata Bahasa Inggris dalam bentuk tabel beserta arti, cara pengucapan, sinonim, antonim dan contoh kalimat. Semoga bermanfaat buat SBI dirumah.

 Belajar Vocabulary 2000 Kosakata Bahasa inggris


No.Target Words(Spelling)MeaningClassPronunciationSyllableSynonymAntonymUse in Sentences
1AbilityKemampuanNoun/ə’biliti/4CapabilityInabilityI shall do the job to the best of my ability.
2AbleMampuAdj/’eibəl/1CapableIncapableShe was able to open the door.
3AbroadDi Luar NegeriAdv/ə’brɔ:d/2OverseasInternal of the countryShe lived abroad for many years.
4AbsentMangkirAdj/ӕb’sent/2Not PresentPresentJohnny was absent from school with a cold.
5AbsoluteMutlakAdj/’ӕbsəlu:t/3CompleteAbstractHe talks with absolute honesty.
6AcceptMenerimaVerb/ək’sept/2GetDenyHe accepted the gift yesterday.
7AccidentKecelakaanNoun/’ӕksidənt/3MishapThere has been a road accident.
8AccompanyMenyertaiVerb/ə’kʌmpəni/4AttendNot attendHe accompanied her to the door.
9AccomplishMenyelesaikanVerb/ə’kʌmpliʃ/3FinishUnfinishedHave you accomplished your task?
10According toMenurutPrep/ə’kɔ:diɳ’tu:/4Told byAccording to John, the bank closes at 3 p.m.
11AccountRekening BankNoun/ə’kəunt/2Financial CreditsI have an account with local bank.
12AccustomMembiasakanVerb/ə’kʌstəm/3FamiliarizeInhabitHe soon accustomed himself to the idea.
13AcreUkuran TanahNoun/’eikə/2The land usually formatted with acre.
14ActBerbuatNoun/ӕkt/1CommitUncommittedHe committed many cruel acts.
15ActiveAktifAdj/’ӕktiv/2LivelyInactiveAt seventy, he is no longer very active.
16ActivityKegiatanNoun/ӕk’tiviti/3ActionInactivityThe streets are full of activity this morning.
17ActualRiilAdj/’ӕktʃuəl/3RealUnrealIn actual fact, he is not as stupid as you think he is.
18AddMenambahkanVerb/ æd/1DecreaseShe added sugar to her tea.
19AddressAlamatNoun/ə’dres/2Her address on Pagar Alam street number 2, Bandar Lampung.
20AdmireMengagumiVerb/ӕd’mairər/2I’ve just been admiring you.
21AdmitMengakuiVerb/əd’mit/2ConfessUndeclaredIt must be admitted that the defeat was decisive.
22AdoptMengangkat(anak)Verb/ə’dapt/2They decide to adopt a little girl.
23AdvanceDi mukaAdj/əd’vɑ:ns/2Go forwardAn advance payment.
24AdvantageKeuntunganNoun/æd’væntij/3BenefitDisadvantagesThere are several advantages in being self-employed.
25AdventurePetualanganNoun/əd’ventʃe(r)/3EscapadeHe wrote a book about his adventures in the Antarctic.
26AdviceNasihatNoun/əd’vais/2CounselLet me give you a piece of advice.
27AdviseMenasehatiVerb/əd’vaiz/2Give adviceUnadvisedMy lawyer advises me to buy the house.
28AffairKeadaanNoun/ə’fɛə(r)/2SituationAs affairs now stand, there isn’t much we can do.
29AffectMempengaruhiAdv/ə’fekt/2InfluenceUninfluencedHis kidneys have been affected by the disease.
30AffordMampu/ə’fɔ:d/2AbleUnableI can’t afford to buy a new car.
31AfraidTakutAdj/ə’freid/2FrightenedUnafraidThe child is not afraid of the dark.
32AfternoonPetangNoun/ӕftər’nuwn/3She works for us three afternoons a week.
33AfterwardSesudah ituAdv/’ӕftərwərdz/3He told me afterwards that he had not enjoyed the film.
34AgainLagiAdv/ə’gen/2He hit the child again and again.
35AgeUmurNoun/eij/1She went to school at the age of six years.
36AgentWakilNoun/’eijənt/2He is an agent for an insurance company.
37AgreeSetujuVerb/ə’grie/2AcquiesceDisagreeI agree with them that we should try again.
38AgriculturePertanianNoun/’ӕgrikʌltce(r)/4FarmingShe is studying agriculture.
39AheadDi depanAdv/ə’head/2In frontBack of
40AidBantuanNoun/eid/1HelpNot aidRich countries give aid to developing countries.
41AimTujuanNoun/eim/1CauseWhat is the aim from this exercise?
42AirUdaraNoun/ӕr/1Mountain air is pure.
43AirplanePesawat TerbangNoun/ɛəplein/2AircraftHe goes to America by airplane.
44AirportBandar UdaraNoun/’ӕr’powrt/2My father arrived in airport at 3 o’clock.
45AlarmTanda BahayaNoun/əlarm/2We didn’t share her alarm at the suggestion.
46AlikeMiripAdj/ə’laik/2SimilarDifferentTwins are often very alike.
47AliveHidupAdj/ə’laiv/2LivingDeadQueen Victoria was still alive in 1900.
48AllowMemperboleh-kanVerb/ə’lau/2LetPreventPlaying football in the street is not allowed.
49AloneSendiriAdv/ ə’ləun/2ItselfTogetherShe lived alone.
50in totalKeseluruhanAdv/ɔ:ltə’geðə(r)/4Over allPartlyI’m not altogether satisfied.
51AlwaysSelaluAdv/ɔlweiz/2EverNeverI always work hard.
52AmbitionAmbisiNoun/ӕm’biʃ(ə)n/3AspirationHe is full of ambition and energy.
53AmountBanyaknyaNoun/ə’maunt/2QuantityA large amount of money in the bank.
54AmuseMembuat TertawaVerb/ə’mju:z/2EntertainBoreI was amused at the monkey’s antics.
55AncientKunoAdj/’einʃənt/2AntiqueNewThis is an ancient piece of furniture.
56AngerKemarahanNoun/’ӕɳgə(r)/2FuryShe was filled with anger about the way she been treated.
57AngryMarahAdj/ӕnggri/2GloweringShe is angry with him.
58AnimalHewanNoun/’ӕnəməl/3There are many animals in zoo.
59AnkleMata KakiNoun/’ӕɳk(ə)l/2She has broken her ankle.
60AnnounceMengumumkanVerb/ə’nauns/2BroadcastUnpublishedMary and John have announced their engagement.
61AnswerJawabanNoun/’ӕnsər/2ReplyQuestionShe refused to give an answer to his questions.
62AnxiousResahAdj/’ӕɳkʃəs/2WorriedUnworriedShe is anxious about her father’s health.
63ApartTerpisahAdv/ə’pɑ:t/2Not togetherTogetherShe sat apart from other people.
64ApartmentApartemenNoun/ə’partment/3My uncle lived in apartment.
65ApparentJelas TerlihatAdj/ə’pӕrənt/3VisibleInvisibleIt is apparent that they didn’t understand.
66AppealSeruanNoun/ə’pi:l/2PleaHe gives us an appeal before we go to vacation.
67AppearTampakVerb/ə’piə(r)/2EmergeOut of sightA man suddenly appeared round the corner.
68AppearanceKemunculanNoun/ə’piərəns/3EmergenceFrom his appearance he seemed very wealthy.
69AppleApelNoun/’ӕpəl/2My sister was ate 2 apple.
70ApplicationLamaranNoun/ӕpli’keiʃ(ə)n/4The syllabus can be obtained on application to the headmaster.
71ApplyMemakaiVerb/ə’plai/2WearUnappliedI suggest you apply the familiar rule of thumb to your problem.
72AppointMengangkatVerb/ə’pɔint/2EmployUnemployedThey have appointed a new manager.
73ApproachKedatanganNoun/ə’prəutʃ/2Come nearThe boys ran off at the approach of a policeman.
74ApproveMenyetujuiVerb/ə’pru:v/2AgreeDisagreeYour application has been approved.
75ArchLengkunganNoun/ɑ:tʃ/1CurveArch of the instep.
76AreaLuas daerahNoun/’ɛəriə/3DistrictThis garden is twelve square meters in area.
77ArgueBertengkarVerb/ɑ: gju: /2FightI’m not going to argue.
78ArmLenganNoun/ɑ:m/1LimbShe has broken both her arms.
79ArmyTentaraNoun/’ɑ:mi/2MilitaryThe two armies met at dawn.
80ArrangeMenyusunVerb/ə’reindӡ/2OrganizeHe arranged the flowers in a vase.
81ArrestPenangkapanNoun/ə’rest/2CatchThe police made several arrests.
82ArrivalKedatanganNoun/ə’raiv(ə)l/3ComingDepartureI was greeted by my sister on my arrival.
83ArriveSampaiVerb/ə’raiv/2ComeGoThe parcel arrived yesterday.
84ArrowAnak panahNoun/’ӕrəu/2DartThe king shot a deer with an arrow.
85ArtSeniNoun/art/1CraftMy brother studying art at school.
86ArticleArtikelNoun/’aetəkəl/3Piece of writingThis shop sells articles of all kinds.
87AshAbuNoun/ӕʃ/1CindersThe ashes of the bonfire.
88AshamedMaluAdj/ə’ʃeimd/2EmbarrassedUnashamedHe was ashamed of his bad work.
89AsideKe (di) sisiNoun/ə’said/2SidewaysIn front of
90AskBertanyaVerb/ӕsk/1AnswerShe asked me what the time was.
91AsleepTidurAdj/ə’sli:p/2SleepingGet upShe was asleep when I called.
92AssistBantuanNoun/ə’sist/2AidHinderHe received an assist when his tire went flat.
93AssociateKolegaNoun/ə’sowsyieit/4CombineEnemyHe is an associate of mine at the office.
94AssumeMenganggapVerb/ə’sju:m/2SupposeI assume that you’d like time to decide.
95AssureMenjaminVerb/ə’ʃuə/2SwearUnsureI assured her that the house was empty.
96AstonishMengherankanVerb/ə’stɔniʃ/3SurpriseUnsurprisedI was astonished by his ignorance.
97AttackMenyerangNoun/ə’tӕk/2AssaultThe brutal attack killed the old man.
98AttemptUsahaNoun/ə’tempt/2TryUntriedThey failed in their attempt to climb Everest.
99AttendMenghadiriVerb/ə’tend/2PresentUnattendedShe attended the meeting.
100AttentionPerhatianNoun/ə’tensyən/3CareShe tried to attract my attention.
101AttitudeSikapNoun/’ӕtətuwd/3MannerAttitude is the first in a peace life.
102AudienceHadirinNoun/’ɔ:diəns/3ViewerThe audience at the concert.
103AuntBibiNoun/ant/1The child went to the circus with her favorite aunt.
104AuthorPengarangNoun/’ɔ:ɵə/2CreatorHe used to be a well-known author but his books are out of print now.
105AuthorityWewenangNoun/ɔ:ɵɔriti/4PowerShe gave me authority to act on her behalf.
106AutomobileMobilNoun/’ɔ:təməbi:l/4CarHe works in automobile shop.
107AutumnMusim gugurNoun/’ɔ:təm/2FallWe plan to leave for Europe early in the autumn.
108AvenueJalan rayaNoun/’ӕvənju:/3RoadThe avenue will finish in 2013.
109AverageRata-rataAdj/’ӕvərij/3The average temperature for the week.
110AvoidMenghindariVerb/ə’vɔid/2Keep away fromHe drove carefully to avoid the holes in the road.
111AwakeBangunVerb/ə’weik/2Get upSleepShe was awoken by a noise.
112AwayJauhAdv/ə’wei/2AfarAroundHe lives three miles away from the town.
113AwfulBurukAdj/’ɔ:ful/2TerribleGoodThis is awful accident.
114BabyBayiNoun/’beibie/2InfantSome babies cry during the night.
115BackBelakangNoun/bӕk/1Your shirt at the back door.
116BackwardKe belakangAdj/’bӕkwəd/2He left without a backward glance.
117BadBurukAdj/bӕd/1DeplorableGoodHe is a bad boy.
118BagTasNoun/b æg/1CaseI bought new bag yesterday.
119BakeMemanggangVerb/beik/1RoastI am going to bake bread today.
120BalanceKeseimbanganNoun/bӕləns/2PoiseYou must keep balance weight of your body.
121BallBolaNoun/bɔl/1SphereMy brother bought a ball in market.
122BandKelompok orangNoun/bӕnd/1GroupAloneMy brother has a band.
123BankBankNoun//bӕngk/1The bank is not far from here.
124BarBatanganNoun/bɑ:/1RodIron bars on the windows.
125BarberPemangkasRambutNoun/’bɑ:bə/2My brother usually cut his hair with a barber.
126BareTerbukaAdj/bɛə/1NakedCoveredThis is a bare book.
127BargainPersetujuanNoun/’bɑ:gin/2Good dealRip-offThey make a bargain.
128BarkMenggonggongNoun/bɑ:k/1YapSilentThe dog was bark last night.
129BarrelTongNoun/’bӕrəl/2DrumThe barrels contain beer.
130BaseDasarAdj/beis/1BottomTopHe studies in the level base.
131BasisLandasanNoun/’beisis/2FoundationThis idea is the basis of my argument.
132BasketKeranjangNoun/’bɑ:skit/2HamperShe carried a large basket.
133BathMandiNoun/bɑ:ɵ/1I usually take a bath at 5 o’clock.
134BatheMemandikanVerb/beið/1WashShe bathes her dog every day.
135BattleBertempurNoun/’bӕtl/2FightThe last battle of the war.
136BayTelukNoun/bei/1CoveShe likes to see the bay every Sunday.
137BeachPantaiNoun/bi:tʃ/1CoastChildren love playing on the beach.
138BeamSinarNoun/bi:m/1RayThe sun is beaming this afternoon.
139BeanBuncisNoun/bi:n/1My mother was bought some beans.
140BearManahanVerb/bɛə/1TolerateI could not bear it if she left.
141BeardJanggutNoun/biəd/1WhiskerOld goat has the beard.
142BeastBinatangNoun/bi:st/1AnimalThere are beasts of the jungle.
143BeatMemukulVerb/bi:t/1HitThey beat of the drum.
144BeautyCantikAdj/bju:ti/2LovelyUglyThe scenery is very beauty.
145BecomeMenjadiAdv/bɪ’kʌm/2She became a doctor.
146BedTempatTidurNoun/bed/1My father was bought a new bed.
147BeeLebahNoun/bi:/1WaspBee usually produces much honey.
148BegMemohonNoun/beg/1RequestGiveThe old man was so poor that he had to beg in the street.
149BeginMemulaiVerb/bi’gin/2StartFinishedHe began to talk.
150BeliefKepercayaanNoun/bɪ’li:f/2ConfidenceUnbeliefI have no belief in his ability.
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