English Vocabulary : Synonim, Antonym, dan Contoh Kalimat

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English Vocabulary : Synonim, Antonym, dan Contoh Kalimat – Hai Sahabat SBI, Kali ini admin akan memberikan lagi Kosakata Bahasa Inggris dalam bentuk tabel beserta arti, cara pengucapan, sinonim, antonim dan contoh kalimat. Semoga bermanfaat buat SBI dirumah.

 Belajar Vocabulary 2000 Kosakata Bahasa inggris


No. Target Words(Spelling) Meaning Class Pronunciation Syllable Synonym Antonym Use in Sentences
1 Ability Kemampuan Noun /ə’biliti/ 4 Capability Inability I shall do the job to the best of my ability.
2 Able Mampu Adj /’eibəl/ 1 Capable Incapable She was able to open the door.
3 Abroad Di Luar Negeri Adv /ə’brɔ:d/ 2 Overseas Internal of the country She lived abroad for many years.
4 Absent Mangkir Adj /ӕb’sent/ 2 Not Present Present Johnny was absent from school with a cold.
5 Absolute Mutlak Adj /’ӕbsəlu:t/ 3 Complete Abstract He talks with absolute honesty.
6 Accept Menerima Verb /ək’sept/ 2 Get Deny He accepted the gift yesterday.
7 Accident Kecelakaan Noun /’ӕksidənt/ 3 Mishap There has been a road accident.
8 Accompany Menyertai Verb /ə’kʌmpəni/ 4 Attend Not attend He accompanied her to the door.
9 Accomplish Menyelesaikan Verb /ə’kʌmpliʃ/ 3 Finish Unfinished Have you accomplished your task?
10 According to Menurut Prep /ə’kɔ:diɳ’tu:/ 4 Told by According to John, the bank closes at 3 p.m.
11 Account Rekening Bank Noun /ə’kəunt/ 2 Financial Credits I have an account with local bank.
12 Accustom Membiasakan Verb /ə’kʌstəm/ 3 Familiarize Inhabit He soon accustomed himself to the idea.
13 Acre Ukuran Tanah Noun /’eikə/ 2 The land usually formatted with acre.
14 Act Berbuat Noun /ӕkt/ 1 Commit Uncommitted He committed many cruel acts.
15 Active Aktif Adj /’ӕktiv/ 2 Lively Inactive At seventy, he is no longer very active.
16 Activity Kegiatan Noun /ӕk’tiviti/ 3 Action Inactivity The streets are full of activity this morning.
17 Actual Riil Adj /’ӕktʃuəl/ 3 Real Unreal In actual fact, he is not as stupid as you think he is.
18 Add Menambahkan Verb / æd/ 1 Decrease She added sugar to her tea.
19 Address Alamat Noun /ə’dres/ 2 Her address on Pagar Alam street number 2, Bandar Lampung.
20 Admire Mengagumi Verb /ӕd’mairər/ 2 I’ve just been admiring you.
21 Admit Mengakui Verb /əd’mit/ 2 Confess Undeclared It must be admitted that the defeat was decisive.
22 Adopt Mengangkat(anak) Verb /ə’dapt/ 2 They decide to adopt a little girl.
23 Advance Di muka Adj /əd’vɑ:ns/ 2 Go forward An advance payment.
24 Advantage Keuntungan Noun /æd’væntij/ 3 Benefit Disadvantages There are several advantages in being self-employed.
25 Adventure Petualangan Noun /əd’ventʃe(r)/ 3 Escapade He wrote a book about his adventures in the Antarctic.
26 Advice Nasihat Noun /əd’vais/ 2 Counsel Let me give you a piece of advice.
27 Advise Menasehati Verb /əd’vaiz/ 2 Give advice Unadvised My lawyer advises me to buy the house.
28 Affair Keadaan Noun /ə’fɛə(r)/ 2 Situation As affairs now stand, there isn’t much we can do.
29 Affect Mempengaruhi Adv /ə’fekt/ 2 Influence Uninfluenced His kidneys have been affected by the disease.
30 Afford Mampu /ə’fɔ:d/ 2 Able Unable I can’t afford to buy a new car.
31 Afraid Takut Adj /ə’freid/ 2 Frightened Unafraid The child is not afraid of the dark.
32 Afternoon Petang Noun /ӕftər’nuwn/ 3 She works for us three afternoons a week.
33 Afterward Sesudah itu Adv /’ӕftərwərdz/ 3 He told me afterwards that he had not enjoyed the film.
34 Again Lagi Adv /ə’gen/ 2 He hit the child again and again.
35 Age Umur Noun /eij/ 1 She went to school at the age of six years.
36 Agent Wakil Noun /’eijənt/ 2 He is an agent for an insurance company.
37 Agree Setuju Verb /ə’grie/ 2 Acquiesce Disagree I agree with them that we should try again.
38 Agriculture Pertanian Noun /’ӕgrikʌltce(r)/ 4 Farming She is studying agriculture.
39 Ahead Di depan Adv /ə’head/ 2 In front Back of
40 Aid Bantuan Noun /eid/ 1 Help Not aid Rich countries give aid to developing countries.
41 Aim Tujuan Noun /eim/ 1 Cause What is the aim from this exercise?
42 Air Udara Noun /ӕr/ 1 Mountain air is pure.
43 Airplane Pesawat Terbang Noun /ɛəplein/ 2 Aircraft He goes to America by airplane.
44 Airport Bandar Udara Noun /’ӕr’powrt/ 2 My father arrived in airport at 3 o’clock.
45 Alarm Tanda Bahaya Noun /əlarm/ 2 We didn’t share her alarm at the suggestion.
46 Alike Mirip Adj /ə’laik/ 2 Similar Different Twins are often very alike.
47 Alive Hidup Adj /ə’laiv/ 2 Living Dead Queen Victoria was still alive in 1900.
48 Allow Memperboleh-kan Verb /ə’lau/ 2 Let Prevent Playing football in the street is not allowed.
49 Alone Sendiri Adv / ə’ləun/ 2 Itself Together She lived alone.
50 in total Keseluruhan Adv /ɔ:ltə’geðə(r)/ 4 Over all Partly I’m not altogether satisfied.
51 Always Selalu Adv /ɔlweiz/ 2 Ever Never I always work hard.
52 Ambition Ambisi Noun /ӕm’biʃ(ə)n/ 3 Aspiration He is full of ambition and energy.
53 Amount Banyaknya Noun /ə’maunt/ 2 Quantity A large amount of money in the bank.
54 Amuse Membuat Tertawa Verb /ə’mju:z/ 2 Entertain Bore I was amused at the monkey’s antics.
55 Ancient Kuno Adj /’einʃənt/ 2 Antique New This is an ancient piece of furniture.
56 Anger Kemarahan Noun /’ӕɳgə(r)/ 2 Fury She was filled with anger about the way she been treated.
57 Angry Marah Adj /ӕnggri/ 2 Glowering She is angry with him.
58 Animal Hewan Noun /’ӕnəməl/ 3 There are many animals in zoo.
59 Ankle Mata Kaki Noun /’ӕɳk(ə)l/ 2 She has broken her ankle.
60 Announce Mengumumkan Verb /ə’nauns/ 2 Broadcast Unpublished Mary and John have announced their engagement.
61 Answer Jawaban Noun /’ӕnsər/ 2 Reply Question She refused to give an answer to his questions.
62 Anxious Resah Adj /’ӕɳkʃəs/ 2 Worried Unworried She is anxious about her father’s health.
63 Apart Terpisah Adv /ə’pɑ:t/ 2 Not together Together She sat apart from other people.
64 Apartment Apartemen Noun /ə’partment/ 3 My uncle lived in apartment.
65 Apparent Jelas Terlihat Adj /ə’pӕrənt/ 3 Visible Invisible It is apparent that they didn’t understand.
66 Appeal Seruan Noun /ə’pi:l/ 2 Plea He gives us an appeal before we go to vacation.
67 Appear Tampak Verb /ə’piə(r)/ 2 Emerge Out of sight A man suddenly appeared round the corner.
68 Appearance Kemunculan Noun /ə’piərəns/ 3 Emergence From his appearance he seemed very wealthy.
69 Apple Apel Noun /’ӕpəl/ 2 My sister was ate 2 apple.
70 Application Lamaran Noun /ӕpli’keiʃ(ə)n/ 4 The syllabus can be obtained on application to the headmaster.
71 Apply Memakai Verb /ə’plai/ 2 Wear Unapplied I suggest you apply the familiar rule of thumb to your problem.
72 Appoint Mengangkat Verb /ə’pɔint/ 2 Employ Unemployed They have appointed a new manager.
73 Approach Kedatangan Noun /ə’prəutʃ/ 2 Come near The boys ran off at the approach of a policeman.
74 Approve Menyetujui Verb /ə’pru:v/ 2 Agree Disagree Your application has been approved.
75 Arch Lengkungan Noun /ɑ:tʃ/ 1 Curve Arch of the instep.
76 Area Luas daerah Noun /’ɛəriə/ 3 District This garden is twelve square meters in area.
77 Argue Bertengkar Verb /ɑ: gju: / 2 Fight I’m not going to argue.
78 Arm Lengan Noun /ɑ:m/ 1 Limb She has broken both her arms.
79 Army Tentara Noun /’ɑ:mi/ 2 Military The two armies met at dawn.
80 Arrange Menyusun Verb /ə’reindӡ/ 2 Organize He arranged the flowers in a vase.
81 Arrest Penangkapan Noun /ə’rest/ 2 Catch The police made several arrests.
82 Arrival Kedatangan Noun /ə’raiv(ə)l/ 3 Coming Departure I was greeted by my sister on my arrival.
83 Arrive Sampai Verb /ə’raiv/ 2 Come Go The parcel arrived yesterday.
84 Arrow Anak panah Noun /’ӕrəu/ 2 Dart The king shot a deer with an arrow.
85 Art Seni Noun /art/ 1 Craft My brother studying art at school.
86 Article Artikel Noun /’aetəkəl/ 3 Piece of writing This shop sells articles of all kinds.
87 Ash Abu Noun /ӕʃ/ 1 Cinders The ashes of the bonfire.
88 Ashamed Malu Adj /ə’ʃeimd/ 2 Embarrassed Unashamed He was ashamed of his bad work.
89 Aside Ke (di) sisi Noun /ə’said/ 2 Sideways In front of
90 Ask Bertanya Verb /ӕsk/ 1 Answer She asked me what the time was.
91 Asleep Tidur Adj /ə’sli:p/ 2 Sleeping Get up She was asleep when I called.
92 Assist Bantuan Noun /ə’sist/ 2 Aid Hinder He received an assist when his tire went flat.
93 Associate Kolega Noun /ə’sowsyieit/ 4 Combine Enemy He is an associate of mine at the office.
94 Assume Menganggap Verb /ə’sju:m/ 2 Suppose I assume that you’d like time to decide.
95 Assure Menjamin Verb /ə’ʃuə/ 2 Swear Unsure I assured her that the house was empty.
96 Astonish Mengherankan Verb /ə’stɔniʃ/ 3 Surprise Unsurprised I was astonished by his ignorance.
97 Attack Menyerang Noun /ə’tӕk/ 2 Assault The brutal attack killed the old man.
98 Attempt Usaha Noun /ə’tempt/ 2 Try Untried They failed in their attempt to climb Everest.
99 Attend Menghadiri Verb /ə’tend/ 2 Present Unattended She attended the meeting.
100 Attention Perhatian Noun /ə’tensyən/ 3 Care She tried to attract my attention.
101 Attitude Sikap Noun /’ӕtətuwd/ 3 Manner Attitude is the first in a peace life.
102 Audience Hadirin Noun /’ɔ:diəns/ 3 Viewer The audience at the concert.
103 Aunt Bibi Noun /ant/ 1 The child went to the circus with her favorite aunt.
104 Author Pengarang Noun /’ɔ:ɵə/ 2 Creator He used to be a well-known author but his books are out of print now.
105 Authority Wewenang Noun /ɔ:ɵɔriti/ 4 Power She gave me authority to act on her behalf.
106 Automobile Mobil Noun /’ɔ:təməbi:l/ 4 Car He works in automobile shop.
107 Autumn Musim gugur Noun /’ɔ:təm/ 2 Fall We plan to leave for Europe early in the autumn.
108 Avenue Jalan raya Noun /’ӕvənju:/ 3 Road The avenue will finish in 2013.
109 Average Rata-rata Adj /’ӕvərij/ 3 The average temperature for the week.
110 Avoid Menghindari Verb /ə’vɔid/ 2 Keep away from He drove carefully to avoid the holes in the road.
111 Awake Bangun Verb /ə’weik/ 2 Get up Sleep She was awoken by a noise.
112 Away Jauh Adv /ə’wei/ 2 Afar Around He lives three miles away from the town.
113 Awful Buruk Adj /’ɔ:ful/ 2 Terrible Good This is awful accident.
114 Baby Bayi Noun /’beibie/ 2 Infant Some babies cry during the night.
115 Back Belakang Noun /bӕk/ 1 Your shirt at the back door.
116 Backward Ke belakang Adj /’bӕkwəd/ 2 He left without a backward glance.
117 Bad Buruk Adj /bӕd/ 1 Deplorable Good He is a bad boy.
118 Bag Tas Noun /b æg/ 1 Case I bought new bag yesterday.
119 Bake Memanggang Verb /beik/ 1 Roast I am going to bake bread today.
120 Balance Keseimbangan Noun /bӕləns/ 2 Poise You must keep balance weight of your body.
121 Ball Bola Noun /bɔl/ 1 Sphere My brother bought a ball in market.
122 Band Kelompok orang Noun /bӕnd/ 1 Group Alone My brother has a band.
123 Bank Bank Noun //bӕngk/ 1 The bank is not far from here.
124 Bar Batangan Noun /bɑ:/ 1 Rod Iron bars on the windows.
125 Barber PemangkasRambut Noun /’bɑ:bə/ 2 My brother usually cut his hair with a barber.
126 Bare Terbuka Adj /bɛə/ 1 Naked Covered This is a bare book.
127 Bargain Persetujuan Noun /’bɑ:gin/ 2 Good deal Rip-off They make a bargain.
128 Bark Menggonggong Noun /bɑ:k/ 1 Yap Silent The dog was bark last night.
129 Barrel Tong Noun /’bӕrəl/ 2 Drum The barrels contain beer.
130 Base Dasar Adj /beis/ 1 Bottom Top He studies in the level base.
131 Basis Landasan Noun /’beisis/ 2 Foundation This idea is the basis of my argument.
132 Basket Keranjang Noun /’bɑ:skit/ 2 Hamper She carried a large basket.
133 Bath Mandi Noun /bɑ:ɵ/ 1 I usually take a bath at 5 o’clock.
134 Bathe Memandikan Verb /beið/ 1 Wash She bathes her dog every day.
135 Battle Bertempur Noun /’bӕtl/ 2 Fight The last battle of the war.
136 Bay Teluk Noun /bei/ 1 Cove She likes to see the bay every Sunday.
137 Beach Pantai Noun /bi:tʃ/ 1 Coast Children love playing on the beach.
138 Beam Sinar Noun /bi:m/ 1 Ray The sun is beaming this afternoon.
139 Bean Buncis Noun /bi:n/ 1 My mother was bought some beans.
140 Bear Manahan Verb /bɛə/ 1 Tolerate I could not bear it if she left.
141 Beard Janggut Noun /biəd/ 1 Whisker Old goat has the beard.
142 Beast Binatang Noun /bi:st/ 1 Animal There are beasts of the jungle.
143 Beat Memukul Verb /bi:t/ 1 Hit They beat of the drum.
144 Beauty Cantik Adj /bju:ti/ 2 Lovely Ugly The scenery is very beauty.
145 Become Menjadi Adv /bɪ’kʌm/ 2 She became a doctor.
146 Bed TempatTidur Noun /bed/ 1 My father was bought a new bed.
147 Bee Lebah Noun /bi:/ 1 Wasp Bee usually produces much honey.
148 Beg Memohon Noun /beg/ 1 Request Give The old man was so poor that he had to beg in the street.
149 Begin Memulai Verb /bi’gin/ 2 Start Finished He began to talk.
150 Belief Kepercayaan Noun /bɪ’li:f/ 2 Confidence Unbelief I have no belief in his ability.