Dongeng Snow White And 7 Dwarfs Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terupdate

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Dongeng Snow White And 7 Dwarfs Dalam Bahasa Inggis Terupdate

Sekolahbahasainggris- Dongeng tentang Snow White and The Seven Dwarf itu begitu terkenal di seluruh penjuru negeri. Kisahnya yang apik dan begitu manis membuat kita jadi termotivasi untuk menjadi lebih baik. Yuk dibaca sahabat SBI:

Snow White And 7 Dwarfs

Once upon a time there was a great castle in beautiful place. A king has a daughter and she grew up by the time happily and contented, despite of a jealous stepmother lived.  Her name was Snow White, because she has a delicated skin and so fair. By her born day, everyone believed in that she would be a beautiful girl.

Dongeng Snow White And 7 Dwarfs Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Dongeng Snow White And 7 Dwarfs Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Her stepmother was a wicked woman, she was beautiful, and she has a magic mirror on her room’s wall. The magic mirror always told her whenever she asked “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful lady in the world?” Then it replied as always, “You are my majesty”.  Day by day had gone. Now Snow White grew as beautiful lady.

As always as her stepmother asked to the magic mirror, in so unexpectedly moment the magic mirror replied her question to “Snow White is the most beautiful lady in the world”. Then stepmother shocked and getting angry. Stepmother was furious and so jealous, then began plotting to get rid of Snow White as her rival.

Stepmother called her trusty servants, and she said “ I will give you great reward if you can take Snow White to the forest in which so far far away from this castle, understand!” The servants was greedy and attracted to the great reward. He agreed to the deed, and put the little girl away from the Castle.

Snow White was lonely all alone in the forest because servants leaved her beside a tree.  She was scared of the dark. When the night came, she was so scared. She thought at the night there was a terrible eyes who was spying on her. It was so dramatic. Then she heard strange sounds and much rustlings that made Snow White’ heart thump. She began cry a bitterly. Because of her tiredness, she fell asleep under a big tree.

When she wake up from her sleep, she shocked that there was somebody touched her. She was in the room in the tree. There were kitchen over there, a tiny door, seven bedroom with small beds, and strange cottage.

“Anybody here?”  Asked Snow White. “Hi, I have made a meal for you.” Answered a dwarf. “Who are you?” asked her then. “We are seven dwarfs” they answered.

Then Snow White told her story that her stepmother asked her servants to leaved snow white in the forest alone. Then dwarfs pleased asked her to live with them

On the different situation, in the castle, the servant had returned. Then stepmother was so happy and run to her room to ask the magic mirror the same question. But her wish was dashed, the mirror answered. “My majesty, the most beautiful lady in the world still Snow White.”

“What? She must die! I thought that she was bitten by tiger or lion in the forest. It is impossible!”

She screamed out and angry. Tomorrow, she disguised herself to be an old woman, then she put a poisoned apple to the basket and quickly went to the forest in which Snow White live.

She find the dwarfs’ home and when dwarfs leaved home, she came, knocked to the door. Knock! Knock! “Who is there?” Snow White asked. “I’m an old woman who is selling apples.” Stepmother replied. “I’m sorry, I don’t need any apples.”

“But please, these are beautiful apples like you.” The old woman asked again. “The dwarf asked me to not open the door to anyone.”  Snow White was reluctant to disobey her friends. “Good girl, if you open the door, I will give you one of my apples.” Old woman asked.

When she opened the door, old Woman gave her a beautiful apples “Here you are” and when she bit an apple, she fell to the ground as the effect of poisoned apples. “Is not it a nice apple, Snow White?” Step mother chuckling evilly after it. She ran back to the castle and leaved Snow White.

Then Dwarfs came and see that Snow White was felt down. They were so sad after they was feeling something bad happened as the sky was getting darker and stormy. Thunder came loudly. They  did their best. They laid her to the bed of rose petals and carried her to the forest and put in to the crystal coffin. Each day they laid a rose flower there hoped that Snow White would wake up.

Then, a strange moment happened to the young man. He was admiring Snow White face through the glass. Then, he seek Snow White in the forest. After he found Snow White, the dwarf told all the story which happened. And he asked them to bring her to the castle to see the doctor. Then they let him go.

When arrived, and met the doctor, doctor said. “The only way you can help her from the poisoned is you kiss her to  wake from sleep. Then the prince did it. So magically, the Prince broke the magic. Snow White opened her eyes. Everyone and dwarfs was so surprised happily.

Now, Prince helped her. And Snow White feltin love wit him. They married and live happily in the castle.

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