Cerita Rakyat Nusantara: “Kancil Dan Buaya” Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Cerita Rakyat Nusantara: “Kancil Dan Buaya” Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Sekolahbahasainggris-Apakah kalian pernah mendengar kisah dari cerita si kancil dan buaya dalam bahasa Inggris? Jika belum Yuk disimak kisah dibawah ini:

Cerita Rakyat Nusantara: “Kancil Dan Buaya” Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Cerita Rakyat Nusantara: “Kancil Dan Buaya” Dalam Bahasa Inggris

“Kancil Dan Buaya”

One day, the deer was drinking on the banks of the river, a crocodile tried bite his leg. Some other crocodiles swim too close. Deer knew he had to find a reason to save himself.

“Hello father crocodile,” said the deer while concealing his voice and trembling. “By chance we met here, so I do not need to call you.”

The crocodile confused, why deer liked to meet with them? Crocodile bite his foot and could not even let go. He could have escaped, but he knew the crocodile could move very quickly. He certainly would be caught again.

“Well, ladies and gentlemen,” said the deer. “I was ordered by the king to count the population of this forest. What is the sum of all the crocodiles in this river? “

The crocodile looked at each other mutually. They did not know how many crocodiles there.

Deer waited a moment.

“You do not know?” said deer.

The crocodile shake a head.

“All right.” Said the deer. “Call all the crocodiles here.”

All the crocodiles are called. He began counting crocodile by pointing to. He had difficulty counting.

“Better you across the line from here to there. I would more easily count you. “

The crocodile was busy lining. The deer then calculated them by jumping from the back of a crocodile that one by one to other side of the river.

“One … two … three … nineteen … thirty-one … sixty … sixty-one, and the last, sixty-three!” Said the deer as he leaped across the river.

But the deer looked confused. He muttered aloud, “How much are you now? Sixty-two or sixty-three? “

The crocodile started to move from its ranks.

“Hhmm,” said the deer. “Do not break up first. Better counted once again. “

The deer went back skipping count crocodile back to the river bank where he had been drinking.

“Fifty-nine … sixty … sixty-one … sixty-three!”

“It was true number sixty-three. Now I have to report to the king. Thank you! “

He also ran into the woods. Because of his intelligence, deer once again escaped from danger. The End.

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