Dongeng Singkat: Tiga Anak Babi (Three Little Pigs) Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Dongeng Singkat:  Tiga Anak Babi  (Three Little Pigs) Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Sekolahbahasainggris-Kisah petualangan Tiga Anak Babi dan serigala yang mencoba memakannya mengajarkan kita untuk bersikap cerdas di dalam keadaan terdesak meskipun kita lemah. Penasaran dengan dongeng kisah Tiga Anak Babi dan Serigala dalam bahasa Inggris? Yuk dibaca kisahnya disini:

Dongeng Singkat:  Tiga Anak Babi  (Three Little Pigs) Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Dongeng Singkat: Tiga Anak Babi (Three Little Pigs) Dalam Bahasa Inggris

“Three Little Pigs”

(Tiga Anak Babi)

Once upon a time, there were three little pigs who lived together with their parents. Mother was Looking to his three children until they grew up, asked her children to live independently and built their own homes. Mother said before they went “Be careful, sons, because there is wolves out there.”

Throughout the summer, they explored the woods, played games and had fun. No one is  don’t like three little pigs. They are easy to get along with anyone. Wherever they went, they were warmly welcomed. But when summer was almost finished, they realized that they needed a home to face the fall and winter. They finally discussed what they would do but the three pigs had a different opinion.

The first little pig who believed that he would built a hut of hay.

“It will only requires one day,” he said.

But the two of his brother disagreed because the house was made of straw very fragile, but the first little pig did not listen.

Not as the first little pig, the second pig found a plank of wood as a material to make his home. It would taken two days to make a house of wood, wooden home more robust than a house made of straw.

But the third little pig did not like a house of wood. The third little pig argued that it took time, patience and hard work to build a house that was strong enough to stand out of the wind, rain, and snow, and most importantly, can protect from wolves. And finally the third little pig decided to make a house of bricks.

One day had been changed, and the third little pig houses began to take form, brick by brick. From time to time, his brother visited him and laughed at him.

“Why do you work so hard? Why do not you just come and play with us?” But the third little pig was refusing to say “no”.

“I have to finish my home first. This house must be strong and sturdy. And then I’ll come and play!” The third little pig said.

One time, when the first little pig back, there was wolf footprints discovered near his home. At once he went into his house made of straw for shelter. And indeed there was a wolf coming and wanting to eat.

“Come out little pig!” cried wolf. “I want to talk to you!”

“No! I will stay here!” The first little pig replied with a small voice.

“I’ll make you out!” The wolf growled angrily. The wolf then inflating his chest and took a deep breath. Then he blew it with all his strength, precisely in the direction of the straw house. And pig belonging to the first straw that was thrown, falling scattered.

Stunned by the cleverness, the wolf did not realize that the little pig had crept under the haystack, and ran into a wooden house belonging to his brother. Armpit he realized that the little pig had escaped, the wolf grew wild.

“Come back!” he cried, trying to catch the pig when he ran into the wooden house. Another little pig welcomed to his brother with trembling and fear.

“I hope this house will not collapse! Let’s hold the door so he would not be exploited them!” The second little pig trying to survive.

It was true, when the wolf tried to destroy the wooden house, failed. But the wolf did not give up so easily. He then took a deep breath in and exhale more strongly.

“Whooooo … !!!!!!” The wooden house collapsed like a deck of cards.

Fortunately, the third little pig who had seen the incident from the window on the stone-brick home. He quickly opened the door to his brother who were escaping from the clutches of the evil wolf. Seeing the two pigs escaped and took refuge in the next house, the wolf ran to catch up.

This time, the wolf was in doubt. This house feels more powerful and robust than in the two houses which he had destroyed. The wolf tried to blow it once, twice, three times and so on, but all in vain. The house does not move even an inch. Seeing the wolf helplessness, fear they slowly began to fade.

Quite exhausted by his efforts, the wolf decided to try another way. He climbed the stairs nearby and intends entered the house through the chimney. However, a small pig to three already guessed wolves will enter through smoke pipe. Then he had a direct rushed to two brother told to light the fire in fire place to deter wolves entered.

When the wolf in through the chimney of the house, she slowly felt something warm on his tail. But because it is very hungry, he remained down the chimney. The deeper he crashed down in the smoke pipe, its tail was very hot and the smell of charred flesh. Sure enough it turns tail on fire. With tail on fire, wolf climbing in and out of the smoke pipe and then ran into the woods.

The third little pig was happy, dance around the yard, and began to sing. “Tra-la-la! Tra-la-la! Yey!” Wolves never back …!”

Of that terrible day, the two of little pigs said sorry to the third little pig who worked hard to build new home. They set up two houses made of bricks like his brother. The occasional wolf back to explore their yard, but when he saw the three chimneys, he recalled an incident when his tail on fire. he was scared and eventually went away. And the three little pig was living safely, and happily forever. The End.

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