Dongeng Singkat: The Pinocchio (Pinokio) Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Dongeng Singkat: The Pinocchio (Pinokio) Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Sekolahbahasainggris-Kita bisa belajar dari kisah Pinokio bahwa berbohong itu tidak baik. Penasaran seperti apa ceritanya dalam bahasa Inggris. Yuk disimak bacaan berikut di bawah ini. Selamat membaca:

Dongeng Singkat: The Pinocchio (Pinokio) Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Dongeng Singkat: The Pinocchio (Pinokio) Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Along time ago, in small city, there was a shop doll maker whose Grandfather named Geppetto. He made kid doll an said “How wonderful this sweet kid doll.”

One day after the grandfather finally made the doll he whispered “If I had a boy it would be great”.  Thus, a miracle happened. “Good afternoon, Papa.” The doll turned to be like a human and was talking and start walking. In the first time he shocked what happened. But after that he felt very happy. The grandfather said, “Thanks God, from now you will be my son. I’ll give you the name. The best is Pinocchio. ” ” Because you are a smart kid, you will start to go to school tomorrow!”

The next morning, Grandpa Geppetto sold clothes and with that money he bought Pinocchio an ABC book. “You can learn to from this book. This is good for you Pinocchio!” “Thank you, Papa. I will go to school, and work hard. ” “Be careful!”said grandfather.

But when Pinocchio went to the school he did opposite, he went to other direction then saw the school’s voice, “Drum, dum, dum, dum.” He was curious about that and wanted to go inside. But he did not have enough money. Pinocchio then sold his ABC book, buy a ticket with the money and go inside. In the play tent, a doll girl would have besieged soldiers swords. “Look! All evil soldiers …

“Pinocchio took the stage, and crashing puppet soldiers. Rope had broken doll and the doll fell. The Owner got angry immediately tried to caught Pinocchio and would throw him into the fire. “I am sorry. If I were burned, sorry old papa, “said Pinocchio. Pinocchio so scared. He said “I promised to papa to learning at school diligently. Please forgive me!” The owner felt so sad, then give him a few coins. “Just go and use this money to buy your lesson books.” said the owner of the play.

Then Pinocchio went to buy the book. But on the way, Fox and Cat saw the situation. They were greeted with a friendly Pinocchio. “Good afternoon, good Pinocchio. If your gold was increased, surely your father would feel happy?! “

How do I add this gold money? “Asked Pinocchio. “Easy…. You can put it under the magic tree. Then go to sleep, so when you wake up, the tree will bear fruit including much money.” Then Pinocchio escorted by Fox and the Cat, invested the money under the gold in a magical tree. When Pinocchio began to take a nap. Foxes and cats dig gold and hang it on the tree Pinocchio, then they fool him and just went.

“Please … .. “cried Pinocchio when he woke up and discovered he was hanging on a tree. A goddess, who saw the state of Pinocchio, sent an eagle to help him. Eagle brought Pinocchio with his beak, and took him to the room where the Goddess had been waiting for. Goddess lull Pinocchio in bed and gave him medicine.

Well, took this medicine then you would get better soon. After this he returned it to goddess and he said “Better to die than drink the bitter medicine.” Pinocchio continued to refuse. Finally Goddess became angry, “Plaque plaque!” He slapped. Then came four rabbits that carried the coffin. Pinocchio surprised at all, he quickly drank the bitter medicine. “Pinocchio, why do not you go school?” Asked the Goddess. “Hmm .. on the road, I sold my books to poor children who hunger and bought bread for him. Therefore I could not go to school …. “Suddenly” syuut “Pinocchio’s nose began to elongate. “Pinocchio!” If you lie, your nose will stretch up to the sky.” “I’m sorry. I will not lie anymore.” Pinocchio apologized. Goddess smiled, and ordered a woodpecker pecking at Pinocchio’s nose, restore it to its original shape. “Come back to the house, and learning to school!”

On the way home, he met with the train. Pinocchio could not hold his desire to play but go up. Pinocchio had forgotten his promise to the Goddess, every day he just playing around anyway.

There one day, Pinocchio surprised to see his face on the water surface. “Ah! So my ears donkey ears! I also entailed! “He shouted. It turned out that other children had become a donkey. Finally Pinocchio becomes a donkey and sold to the circus. Pinocchio had broken his promise to the Goddess, then he got the punishment.

Each day he was whipped, and had to jump over a hot fire circle. Although fear, Pinocchio still jump. Eventually he fell that his leg was broken. The Owner circus became angry.  “Donkey, imbecile! You had better thrown into the sea.” Then Pinocchio was thrown into the sea.

“Blup blup blup” Pinocchio sank to the bottom of the sea, the fish came to bite. Then the donkey skin apart, and from it emerged the Pinocchio. “Thank you for the fish.” Actually Goddess saw that Pinocchio has realized his mistake and ordered the fish to help him.

While swimming, Pinocchio promises to myself “This time when I go home I will go to school and study hard. I will also help with housework and keeping papa.” At that moment “Hrrr …., A large shark came closer with the creepy voice. “Ohhh …. Please. “Pinocchio swallowed by the big sharks. “Hap” In the belly of a shark really dark. But in the distance visible beam of light. Turns out it was the grandfather Geppetto.

“Papa! ” c” Pinocchio! “They both hugged each other. “I went to the sea to look for you, and I swallowed by this shark. But it turns out here I met you. Luckily we survived! “

“Let’s get out of here! “” My body is weak. You’ll go. ” ” I do not want to if not with you Papa. “When the shark was sleeping, Pinocchio escape from the mouth of a shark with Geppetto grandfather carrying on his back.

With all his strength he swam until finally arriving at the beach. They rented a cottage nearby farmers. While taking care of his grandfather, Pinocchio work every day. Finally grandfather became healthy again. “Pinocchio, because of you I get well soon like this. Thank you! “

Papa, from now on I’ll be in again. “Suddenly around them into shining light,” Pinocchio, you have to be a good boy. “Goddess appears, and change the puppet Pinocchio became a real human child.

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