Dongeng Singkat: “Jack and the Beanstalk” Dalam Bahasa inggris

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Dongeng Singkat: “Jack and the Beanstalk” Dalam Bahasa inggris

Sekolahbahasainggris– Kisah jack yang menginspirasi kita bahwa lebih baik kita bekerja keras dari pada harus mencuri sangatlah bagus sekali. Penasaran seperti apa kisahnya? Selamat membaca:

Dongeng Singkat: “Jack and the Beanstalk” Dalam Bahasa inggris
Dongeng Singkat: “Jack and the Beanstalk” Dalam Bahasa inggris

“Jack and the Beanstalk”

In the past, there ware a mother and a young child who lived in a village. The young boy named Jack. Their lives were poor. Their property that there was only one cow, which over time has been reduced milk production. Realizing this, the mother was planning to sell their cattle, then the money would be used to buy grain. The plan, the wheat would be planted in a field near their home.

The next day, Jack brought his cattle to market. On the way to the market, Jack met a grandfather. Grandfather admonished him, “Hi Jack, would you swap your herds with these magic beans?”. “What, swap pea with my cow?” Said Jack surprised. “Do not insult! This is the magic beans. If you plant it and let it overnight, then the next morning this bean will grow up to the sky,” said the old man explained. “Ok, I will see,” replied Jack.

At home, Mother’s Jack was shocked and angry. “How stupid you are! How could we live only with a grain of beans? “I was so angry,” the mother throws the beans out the window. But what happened the next day? Apparently there was a giant tree that grew to reach the sky. “Well, it is true what the old man, he muttered”. Then carefully he immediately climbed the giant tree. “Oh, why I can’t see well into the end of the tree, ?” Said Jack in his mind.

Not long ago, Jack looked down. He saw the houses to be very small. Jack finally get to the cloud. There he could see a strange giant palace. “I’m thirsty and hungry, perhaps in the palace I found the food,” he muttered. Arriving at the palace door, he knocked loudly. “Kriek …” great door was opened. When he looked up, there is a great woman. “What is it, son?”, She said. “Good morning, I was thirsty and hungry, may I ask for a little food?” Well, you’re very polite boy. Come on! Eating! “Said the woman friendly.

While eating, suddenly heard loud footsteps, Duk Duk! It turned out that the woman’s husband who came. He was a giant man-eaters. Quickly she said to Jack. “Son, quickly hide! My husband is coming. “” Huaaa …. I am home. Quickly prepare a meal! “Cried the giant. Jack held his breath in the furnace. The giant suddenly smell human. Then he peered into the furnace. Quickly she said, “It stinks that we burn yesterday’s man. Come relax. This food is ready. “

After eating, giant issued a purse containing gold coins stolen, while drinking. Then he started counting Soon he was drunk and fell asleep. Seeing this, he immediately came out of hiding. Before leaving, he took the gold coins stolen the giant as he crept.

He continued down the beanstalk and finally got home. “Mom … look at this gold. From now on we are so rich. “” You can not get this money easily. What are you doing? “Then Jack told the events of his mother. “How dare you are, Jack! What if a giant had come to take it back, “she said anxiously. Since getting gold coins, each day Jack just relax alone with stolen money. Not long ago, the money ran out loot. Jack back to climbed the tree, to go to the palace. “You come again. What is it? “Said the giant’s wife. “Good afternoon ma’am. Since I have not eaten from the morning, my stomach was so hungry.” A good mother was silent, but he still gave Jack lunch. Suddenly …. Duk Duk Duk! Sound of footsteps of giants. As before, Jack retreated furnace.

Upon entry into the house, the giant eating greedily. After that he put his cock loot on the table and said, “Chicken, give your golden eggs.” Then the cock crowed, “kukuruyuuk ….,” The cock gave a golden egg. Giant satisfied, he drank sake until he finally fell asleep. “The golden egg? Well great! ” Thought Jack. Secretly he caught the chicken and quickly ran back to the house.

By laying cock gold, Jack returned to back alone. “Than you steal it, had better to work in the fields”, said Mother. Because every day chicken eggs issued more than it should, chicken and even then die. He returned again to the giant palace.

Again he was hiding in the furnace, when the giant male home while carrying a harp. While drinking sake, the giant said, “O harp, played a beautiful melody.” Even miracles happen, harp that plays itself a beautiful melody. The song was made the sleeping giant.

Jack had the intent to steal the harp. He also extended his hand, but … “Sir, there is a thief …” suddenly shouted harp. The giant awoke. He soon chasing Jack the running while carrying a giant harp it. Giants continue to pursue, down the beanstalk.

When they came down, he shouted to Mother. “Mom …. Bring me the axe from the shed! fast! fast! How shocked mother saw a giant figure who comes chasing Jack, he trembled with very afraid. Once down from the tree, Jack immediately cut down the nut tree with his axe.

With a loud voice, tree nuts collapsed. The giant fell to the ground, and die. Mother was very relieved to see Jack survived. While crying she said: “Jack, do not do it anymore… you do creepy things like this. No matter how poor we work with earnest. With gratitude to God, surely we both shall live well.” ” I’m sorry Mom, from now on I am going to work in earnest, said Jack to his mother. “

Since then, Jack worked diligently every day. Beside him, harp played beautiful melodies that add to the spirit of Jack. The story of the magic harp had spread throughout the country. One day, a beautiful daughter came to visit him. Unusually, the harp played a beautiful melody that made the princess enchanted. Then harp was singing: “If Princess and Jack were married, will be happy.” Hearing that song, the Princess flushed cheeks. Jack eventually married the beautiful princess with the help of his harp. Since then Jack became a king who loves to help people in distress.

The End.

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