Dongeng Singkat: “Harpa Ajaib” Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Dongeng Singkat: “Harpa Ajaib” Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Sekolahbahasainggris– Keajaiban harpa yang merupakan dongeng dari negeri Inggris ini sangatlah seru. Hikmah dari kisahnya pun dapat kita petik sehingga menjadi pelajaran di kemudian hari. Nah penasaran dengan kisahnya? Selamat membaca:

Dongeng Singkat: "Harpa Ajaib” Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Dongeng Singkat: “Harpa Ajaib” Dalam Bahasa Inggris

“Harpa Ajaib”

Along time ago, there are the fairies are still often visited humans, they often went to the settlements residents in disguise. The goal was to determine the properties of the population. Those who behaved bad attitude when receiving the fairies, would get a disaster for the rest of their lives. Fortunately for those who behaved well, the fairies did not hesitate to award prizes to them.

One night, Morgan Rhys, enjoyed solitude in front of the fireplace. He was enjoying a puff of smoke from his pipe with a cup of warm ginger water. The flow of warm water that breathed uplifting in him so unwittingly, he began to hum. It was not clear what song he sang, but his voice is beautiful made it so melodious humming. He was very careful in selecting the tone, because the slightest slip tone, then the song was no more meaningful than the sound of lowing cattle, so he thought.

Morgan really enjoyed his songs. Unfortunately, no one was enjoying the song. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“Well, apparently there are people who hear my song,” thought Morgan.

Then he sang with more vigor.

Back, came a knock at the door.

“Hola! Come on! The door was not locked. Just come in, “said Morgan.

The door opened, and in walked 3 wanderer who dressed shabby and messy. If you guess they were fairies in disguise, you were correct. They wanted to know how Morgan attitude when receiving guests who were not familiar.

“Good night sir!” Said the fairy. “We were exhausted and starving. Can we ask for a little food to fill the pockets of our supplies. And after that we will go. “

“Oh, of course! Of course! How about bread and cheese? Please take yourself as much as you want! “Said Morgan.

While the travelers were eating and drinking with gusto, Morgan entertained them with sang to his guests feel comforted.

The rover, fairy was very pleased with the treatment  by Morgan served to them. When the travellers would leave home, Morgan said: “Thank you. You are very kind! And because you are so good, we will give you a present. Mention one the most and we will fulfill of  your wish! “

“Well actually, I wanted to have a harp. That is unlike any I pluck the strings, I will produce music that can make people happy and dancing. Although as you can see, there is no soul musician slightest in myself. But you’re just kidding …. “

Wuzz !! Before Morgan finished, miraculously appeared that a beautiful harp came in front of him. He was surprised and then realized that his guests had disappeared. “They must be a fairy!” He thought.

Morgan stroked the harp for fear it would be gone and he just hallucinating due to drinking water drunk of ginger as he thought. But of course, the harp was still there even though his mind was back as clear as water. So he began to tried to pluck the strings. So fingers touched the strings Morgan, flew stomping music. Then suddenly Morgan’s wife  came and several others too rush in and start dancing. And as long as the radius of Morgan still on his harp, they danced like crazy.

News about Morgan who had a magic harp spread quickly. Many people came just to see and prove the truth of the news. Morgan would reap the harp so that those who came can not help but dance. People from distant places came to dance. Elderly people and even disabled man who was suddenly able to dance freely when he heard the music of the harp.

One day when someone who never insulted Morgan and Morgan were still feeling hurt decided to take revenge. Plucked harp and the people start dancing. The longer the music faster and the person getting crazy dancing until he was exhausted and asked Morgan to stop by screaming. But instead stop the music, Morgan was getting excited and burst out laughing until tears. It was only after the person was lying unconscious from exhaustion, Morgan stop the music. He was satisfied with his revenge.

But that was the last time Morgan playing the magic harp. When he woke up tomorrow, the harp was gone. Apparently the fairies were not happy with the misdeeds of Morgan and decided to take back the prize. That was a lesson for those who wasted or good luck gift from God. Do not get him angry and take back what had been given by him to us.

The End.

Semoga Bermanfaat Para Pembaca SBI!!!

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