Contoh Soal Materi CONCORD/AGREEMENT Beserta Kunci Jawabannya

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Contoh Soal Materi CONCORD/AGREEMENT Beserta Kunci Jawabannya

Contoh Soal Materi CONCORD AGREEMENT Beserta Kunci Jawabannya


1. To achieve big dreams……………. big sacrifices.

a. Requires                                                             c. To require

b. Requiring                                                          d. Require


2. In the kindergarten stage, the children are taught how to write alphabet, to read simple words, and………………

a. Pronouncing simple English expressions.

b. To pronounce simple English expressions.

c. Pronounced simple English expressions.

d. Pronounces simple English expressions.


3. The president…………. to improve maritime sector for helping fishermen’s income.

a. Try               c. Tries

b. Trying .        d. To be tried


4. Some foreign fishing boats are found in Indonesia’s coastal line. They are ….. by Indonesia naval force to account for their crime.

a. Arresting directly      c. Directly arresting

b. Arrest directly           d. Arrested directly


5. Every obstacles you face in your life will…..

a. Made you stronger               c. Made you more strong

b Make you more strong         d. Make you Stronger


6. Sarah, Mario, and Claudy haye made up their minds for continuing their study in Europe. No one can stop….

a. Us                                           c.  Them

b. You                                        d.  Theirs


7. The local go.ermen, has not…….. any special, attention to the small fishermen am,  farmers. I. is shown from the lack of modern tools use b, both fishermen and farmers.

a.    Given                            c.    Gave
b.    Gives                            d.    Giving
8. Some professors start……. experiment about herb medicine.

a.    Their                              c.    Her
b.    His                                 d.    Our

9. My sister has just finished renovating her house. Then, she intends to install …….   in that house.

a.    A system new security                         c.    A new system security
b.    A new security system                          d.    A security new system

10. Everybody……….    a chance to apply the scholarship in the foreign countries.

a. Gets                             c. Getting
b. Get                               d. Have got


1.    A    6.    C
2.    B    7.    A
3.    C    8.    A
4.    D    9,    A
5.    D    10.    A


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