10 Contoh Analytical Exposition Beserta Penjelasan Terlengkap

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10 Contoh Analytical Exposition Beserta Penjelasan Terlengkap – adalah jenis teks yang bertujuan memngungkapkan sesuatu hal agar dianggap penting oleh pembaca dengan cara memberikan pendapat atau argument yang mendukung ide pokok atau topik. Text ini termasuk kedalam jenis Argumentation Text yang berisi tentang pemikiran  penulis tentang sebuah fenomena – fenomena yang terjadi di sekitar kita.

Generic Structure (Struktur umum) Analytical Exposition
1. Thesis (Paragraf pertama yang berisi ide pokok atau topik)
2. Arguments( Paragraf selanjutnya yang berisi kalimat pendukung)
3. Reiteration/Conclusion (Kesimpulan)

Contoh text analytical exposition

Contoh Text Analytical Exposition

Untuk lebih memahami lagi, berikut ini adalah contoh teks Analytical Exposition

Compromise in Our Live

In daily live, every people faces many problem. To solve the problem, there are alot of ways that can be used, one of them is compromise. Compromise is one of the way people solve a problem by making a win-win solution to each side. Although not all the problems can be solved by compromise, but compromise can be choosen as the way to solve a problem sometimes such as in the traditional market between seller and buyer, between two or more people when they are working in a group and in traffic acccident. In many situation, compromise is necessary.

In the traditional market, a lot of sellers and buyers meet to do trading process. In this place, the problem they have to solve is about how to get the deal about the price of some goods. Seller and buyer usually use compromise to solve the problem of the goods’ prices which the seller sells or the buyer wants to buy. In this case, compromise occur when buyer asks the price of goods.If the price is too high for the buyer, the buyer do not agree of the price and she or he will bargain for the lowest price they can get. If there is a deal between two sides, compromise has done. Both sides will get the advantages of the transaction they have done, but if there is no deal, the reverse happens. In the transaction above, both seller and buyer want the benefit from it. To get benefit from trading process, whether they are aware or not, they use compromise. After there is a deal between the two sides, both of the get advantages. Compromise makes both seler and buyer can solve the problem withuot one of them be disappointed.

Compromise also necessary when we work in group and discussing a problem. A group consist of two or more people with different behaviour and emotional. They have their own way or idea to solve the problem. In this situation, compromise is needed to get the best way to solve the problem. Compromise happens when every part of te group give their idea about how to solve the problem they are discussing. After all the idea received, there is just one idea reputed as the best way. Sometimes we do not agree to the result of the dicussing, but we have to accept it. When we can accept the result of the discussing whether or not agree to the result, we also do compromise. Compromise in this situation can solve the problem in a group, the problem about the difference of idea. Sometimes we can not think about just ourselves, we also think about group, because we are the group’s part.

In traffic accident situation compromise also can be the best way for us to solve our  problem. When people get accident in the road, sometimes they prefer to do compromise than bring the problem to the police office. Compromise in this situation is the best way to solve the problem. If they bring this problem to the police office, it will make the problem more complex than before. Compromise done when the victim and the suspecy of the accident get the deal about the way they solve the problem, such as by giving some money to the victim. Compromise make the problem between the victim and suspect are solved in peace. The victim of the accident got the money for recovery and for his or her car repair. The suspect can avoided by getting some more problem with the police. There we can see that compromise can used as the simplest way to a problem. Compromise makes both sides, the victim and the suspect of the accident csn solve the problem well.

In conclusion, although not all the problems can be solved by using compromise, it is important for us to use it as the best and first way to solve the problem. The problem such as in the traditional market, work in gruop, and in the traffic can solve by using compromise. Compromise makes the problem solved in simple way and also give benefit to both sides. We should consider to use compromise as the way we solve our problem.