Contoh Review Text (Sinopsis) Film Fast & Furious 7 2015 Terbaru

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Contoh Review Text (Sinopsis) Film Fast & Furious 7 2015 Terbaru – Tepat tanggal bulan april 2015 ini, bioskop di seluruh Indonesia menayangkan film “Fast & Furious 7 terbaru, tentu film ini sangat mengundang antusiasme masyarakat. Karena kita tidak asing lagi dengan cerita Film ini. Berikut ini contoh review text “Fast & Furious 7. Check This out!


Fast & Furious 7. Quality and excitement in the movie “Fast & Furious” is not in doubt. In each series the movie Fast & Furious is waited andby  anticipated million lovers all over the world. The film featured a suspenseful and action scenes ingenuity in any resolve the problem, it is natural if the fans are expecting a continuation and for the continuation of the Fast & Furious.

On November 1, the official trailer continuation Fast & Furious series officially released, but this time series titled “Furious 7”. The news of this was the emergence of the official trailer makes the whole lovers can not wait to watch the full drama in this film. This trailer can be regarded as the best trailer of “Fast & Furious”, this trailer showing thrilling action series of premium class cars that parachuted from a plane to hunt down cargo trucks carrying people in it. Not to forget, the late Paul Walker as Brian O’Conner who plays appear in the scene. Hollywood Movies List Released April 2015

Curiosity in the Furious series 7 will also present a new action that replaces the late actor Paul Walker. Because we all know, Paul Walker got tragic accident that caused his life was not saved. It makes management Fast & Furious looking for a replacement actor Paul Walker as much as possible to have similarities.

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Synopsis Furious 7. Because this is an ongoing series of films, of course we all know, the film Furious 7 will continue the story of the previous movie, namely Fast & Furious 6 previous Acts tells where the team leader named Dom (Vin Diesel) successful rescue his beloved Ortiz ( Michelle Rodriguez) out of the hands of criminals, Owen Shaw (Luke Evans).

The success of Dom (Van Diesel) in rescue his girlfriend and beat Shaw (Luke Evans) it raises a new problem, it is true revenge will not solve a problem. However, without rancor, the series an action movie would not be sustainable. Family is everything, perhaps the fact that the underlying nature of the actor who played Jason Statham. Feeling not accept the defeat received by his brother, Owen, played by Jason Statham was getting revenge.

The film ‘Fast and Furious 7’ still with Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner implement new missions, namely rescue a girl. While the girl who will be saved, played by Michelle Rodriguez. In order to prevent the story becomes disoriented, Screenwriter Chris Morgan decided to make a departure scene character Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker).