Contoh Prefix dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Penjelasan Terlengkap

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Contoh Prefix dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Penjelasan Terlengkap – Prefix  adalah  sebuah huruf atau kelompok huruf yang ditempatkan di awal kata untuk memodifikasi makna dari kata tersebut. Prefix merupakan salah satu tipe affix atau imbuhan. Selainnya ada pula suffix atau akhiran dan infix.


Negative Prefix

a. Attractive : She showed us an attractive appearance.
Unattractive : His presentation is unattractive for us.
b. clear : This water is so clear.
unclear : don’t talk ulnclear!
c. kind : you are a kind boy.
unkind : She is an unkind women.
d. healthy : My father proves healthy.
unhealthy : unhealthy of human can be showed in their body.
c. pleasant : The reporter announce a pleasant news.
unpleasant : My teacher tell something unpleasant.

–dis (productive)
a. advantage : There are many advantages of used computer.
disadvantage : There are so many disadvantages of using electronic dictionary.
b. belief : The factor of making a good relationship is a belief.
disbelief : You make a disbelief.
c. trust : The trust can make our life strong.
distrust : I have a distrust.
d. pleasure : I came a pleasure party last night.
displeasure : He give me a displeasure behavior.
e. like : I like to study an English Grammar.
dislike : I dislike to study an English Grammar.

a. agree : I agree if you leave me anymore
disagree : I disagree if you leave me with a bad attitude that you have given.
b. appear : The sunrise appear on the west.
disappear : I disappear after you hurt me.
c. arm : This is an arm man.
disarm : this is a disarm man.
d. believe : I believe that I can forget about of you in my mind.
disbelieve : I can disbelieve if you tell that this is my fault.
e. obey : I always obey the literature.
disobey : I can disobey this literature.

in, im, ir
a. active : It is an active animal.
inactive : It is an inactive animal.
b. capable : He have a capable.
incapable : He have an incapable.
c. complete : I have completed my homework.
incomplete : I have incompleted my work yet.
d. constant : This is an constant electronic.
inconstant : This is an inconstant electronic.
e. convenient : this is a convenient electronic.
inconvenient : that is an inconvenient electronic.
f. exact : I don’ t study an exact science.
inexact : this is an inexact science that’s I have studied.
g. mature : this is a mature fruit.
immature : you are an immature person.
h. patient : A patient can make our life disciplinary.
impatient : you are an impatient girl.
i. movable : A table is a movable thing.
immovable : This ia an immovable thing.
j. rational : You use your think in a rational.
irrational : the animal use its think with irrational.
k. regular : I took an regular course.
irregular : I took an irregular course.
l. responsible : I’m a responsible girl.
irresponsible : you are irresponsible boy.
m. legal : this is a legal place to stay.
illegal : this is an illegal thing that I have.

a. alcoholic : this is alcoholic perfume.
nonalcoholic : This a nonalcoholic perfume.
b. cooperative : Indonesia can be cooperative with each other.
noncooperatiive : Indonesia is the one of noncooperative world.
c. stop : I’m sure, I can stop loving you from now.
nonstop : My love is nonstop for you.
d. violent : This is a violent ways.
nonviolent : This is a nonviolent street.
e. political : I’m studying in a political science now.
nonpolitical : This is nonpolitical science.

a. perception : I have a same perception with you.
misperception : I should solve misperception with you.
b. conception : Those conception is not wrong.
misconception : misconception can make damaging our group.
c. behave : He behave like an animal
misbehave : he misbehave anymore.
d. inform : She informs about a weather this day.
misinform : I have misinform with my father.
f. understand : I can understand your situation that you must leave me.
misunderstand : I have misunderstand about your work.
g. spell : I can spell your name well.
misspell : I have misspell about this word.
h. lead : you can lead your employee.
mislead : I have mislead with my leader.
i. use : I use my pen to write your name in my letter.
misuse : I get misuse this money.