Contoh Lesson Plan Bahasa Inggris ( English For Traveller ) Terbaru

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Contoh Lesson Plan Bahasa Inggris ( English For Traveller ) Terbaru –  Lesson plan atau dalam Bahasa Indonesianya disebut rencana pembelajaran atau RPP  sangat berguna untuk guru atau pengajar dalam memudahkan dan melancarkan proses belajar mengajar didalam kelas. Berikut ini adalah contoh lesson plan atau RPP untuk English Spesific Purpose.




Class                           : ESP for Traveler

Participant                 : 6

Time allocation         : 1 X 90 Minutes

Topic                          : Greeting



General Instructional Objective

The learners are able to develop their English language skills and language components


Specific Instructional Objective

The learners are able to listen a paragraph and write a letter correctly and know how to use English relating to the topic in the correct utterance and pronunciation fluently and properly.

The learners are able to do the exercises given both orally or written.


Teaching Methodology

Community language learning and direct method


Teaching aids

A tape recorder

A cassette player

A text of letter


Procedures of Teaching and Learning Process:

Pre activities

The teacher greets the learners.

The teacher tells the learners about the topic that is going to be learnt and the objectives of the materials.


While activities

The teacher asks the learners to mention some steps needed as the preparation, such as “How to make a correct letter and what should they do in writing a letter.

The teacher writes the learner’s answer down and explain the case.

The teacher plays a cassette recording of the letter.

The teacher asks some question related to the conversation.

The teacher check the learner’ answer.

The teacher repeats the cassette again until some learners find the answer correctly.

The teacher asks the students to retell the main point in the letter.

The teacher checks the students answer and give more explanation if the students made any mistake.

The teacher asks the students to write the letter in the cassette and identify it.

The teacher gives the text of the letter.

The teacher asks the learners to make a letter in their own words.

The teacher checks the learners work and correct it if there is an error


Post activities

The teacher asks the learners how they feel during the activity

The teacher asks the learners whether they find some problems

The teacher concludes the material

The teacher closes the class





This is an letter which is made by Melly. She told about his experience to go to Medan. She told about the how long was she arrived there, atmosphere, meal and tourisms place.


I can’t believe I’m here at last. The flight was really long. It took almost four hours Anyway North-Sumatra’s great. We arrived in Medan nearly four days ago. It was really hot. I went around the town to see some historical sires. Maimun Empire and the fish market are on my list.

I have just arrived in Brastagi. It’s very cold here. We are staying at the hostel. It’s very cheap but the meal is a little bit terrible. So, I prefer eating out. Restaurant “99” offers delicious. So, We almost go there for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From the hostel Ican see a beautiful view, especially in the morning it’s very fantastic.

Tomorrow I am going to Samosir Island. I’ll go water skiing. People say that skiing on the Toba lake can be unforgettable experience. Other thing I’m planning to do is fishing in the lake. There are a lot of kinds of fish. I hope I can catch a lot of fish and I will bake them for dinner.

I am arriving home on 16 July, in time for school. See you then.


With love,






Translate these sentences into English!

Saya tidak percaya akhirnya saya tiba disini.

Kami bisa melihat pemandangan yang indah di pagi hari.

Dia (perempuan) tiba dirumah minggu depan.

Kami lebih menyukai makan di luar.

Mereka berharap mereka bisa menangkap banyak ikan.


Fill in the blank by appropriate answer in the box below

The restaurant … delicious meal.

He is … in Medan next week.

I am … to go to the lake

She hopes she cans … many fish.

We are … at apartment.



It is done orally and written




a) I can’t believe I’m here at last.

b) We can see beautiful view in the morning.

c) She is arriving home next week.

d) We prefer eating out.

e) They hope they can catch a lot of fish


a) Offers

b) Arriving

c) Planning

d) Catch

e) Staying



Repeat the subject materials

  1. Doing the reflection of the knowledge that has received by the student
  2. Give some home work