Contoh Essay Cause and Effect (Sebab-Akibat) Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Contoh Essay Cause and Effect (Sebab-Akibat) Dalam Bahasa Inggris – Oke sahabat SBI yang baik hatinya! dibawah ini adalah Essay atau karangan Sebab-Akibat tentang Sepeda, Bagaimana sepeda bisa mengakibatkan kecelakaan dan membuat kita cidera. Chekidot!!!

People around the world has known bicycle since a long time ago. When bicycle invented for the first time, it has function as transportation equipment, people used it to go everywhere, but now bicycle can be used as exercises equipment, or just for hobby. When people ride a bicycle, accident can happened . This bicycle accident can be caused by the broken equipment, weather condition, or the biker’s carelessness.

The failure of the equipment can be one of the cause of the bicycle accident. For example, if the brake of the bicycle do not work well, it can be problem for a biker, because without a brake, bicycle can not controlled well too, especially when a biker rides in steep descent, or if a biker wants to hit something. There are many another equipments of the bicycle can be the root of the problems in a bike, such as handlebar, tire, etc. The equipment also can not work proper if it or they have been out of their work time, too old. The bikers should take care and give attention to the bike’s equipment to keep away the accident from them when they ride their bike. Therefore it is important for the biker to check everything before they ride their bicyle. This is can be the best way for the biker to avoid the accident caused by the failure of the bike’s equipment. The safety of  riding bicycle can create by the biker itself.

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Weather condition can be another cause of the bicycle accident, such as in the rainy and windy situation. In the rainy situation, the water may impair the brakes and obstruct the brakes. Besides of it, in the rainy weather, a biker also has difficulties in controlling the bike because of the wet road they through. In windy weather I think it is imposible to handle the bicycle as good as in the good weather, because it may cause the bicycle unsteady. The bikers should pay attention in weather if they want to ride for exercise or just riding around a place. They should not ride after the big rain or when the wind flow fast around the bikers.

The last cause of the bicycle accident is the carelessness of the biker. If the reason above are include to non human factor, this is the human factor that can cause bike accident. This is the most happen to the bikers when they ride. Sometimes they do that by their awareness or they do that just because it is a habit. Sometimes the bikers do not care about the traffic signs. They stop in the place where they should not stop. This carelesness is the number one of the cause of bicycle accident in riding bike. To avoid the accident which caused by this factor, the bikers should give attention more in traffic sign and focussed well when they ride a bike.

In conclusion, there is some factor which can caused bicycle acccident such as the broken equipment of the bike, the weather, and the human carelessnes. Actually this aciident can be avoid if every biker check their bike’s equipment before they go by bicycle, do not ride in bad weather, and improve their awareness of traffic sign. It is better to prevent than we have to treat. We can make ourselves safe if we can create the safety way in riding bicycle.