Contoh Cerita Tak Terlupakan Dalam Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP

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Contoh Cerita Tak Terlupakan Dalam Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP




Hallo sahabat SBI, bagaimana kabar kalian? Dalam hidup ini, kita pasti memiliki beberapa cerita yang kita alami bukan? Baik itu cerita yang menyeramkan, cerita yang membuat sedih, bahagia dan lain sebagainya.

Apakah sahabat SBI juga salah satu orang yang memiliki cerita tidak terlupakan dan tetap sahabat SBI kenang sampai sekarang? Pasti ada bukan? Nah, bagaimana jika sahabat SBI menceritakan nya dalam bahasa inggris? Apakah sahabat SBI juga bersedia? Berikut ini admin akan memberikan gambaranya kepada sahabat SBI semua ya, langsung saja kita simak berikut ini. Check this out!

Get the new thing like a gift in our birthday is very amazing thing, because from a gift we can know their care to us in our special day. But, how a pity if we got the worst thing from our classmate in our birthday party, I got a chick and it wrapped in the box of gift.

When I was in junior high school I ever got a chick as my gift’s birthday on february 23, 2008. I got it from my classmate and chick is an animal which make me to be afraid because I think it is very cute but also odius. My classmate gave me a gift in a box of chocolate. They said happy birthday to me and stand arounded me. They asked me to open their gift as soon as possible. So, I decided to open my gift together with them. Without a negative thingking I opened the wraper of that gift and I found it was a chocolate’s box. So, I think it was chocolate. But I was wrong, when I opened that box it was a chick, a black chick. Of course, I started to scare and broke the box. My body was limp and my tears down. My classmate started to laugh and they hugged me and said sorry to me.

It was a worst gift that I have ever got. But, I was so happy because my classmate still cared to me and gave me surprise on my birthday. After that event, I was not angry with them. They gave me a cake and asked me to blowed the candle. I blowed my candle but before it, I maked a wish and pray to Allah. I was happy because I have friends like them.


Semoga bermanfaat untuk sahabat SBI ya


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