Contoh Cerita Pengalaman Pribadi Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Contoh Cerita Pengalaman Pribadi Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Sekolahbahasainggris– Menuliskan cerita pengalaman pribadi bukanlah hal yang begitu sulit. Lalu bagaiaman jika cerita tersebut dalam bahasa Inggris? Buat yang belum bisa berbahasa Inggris tentu saja menjadi permasalahan.

Contoh Cerita Pengalaman Pribadi Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Contoh Cerita Pengalaman Pribadi Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Nah buat kalian yang sedang mencari referensi cerita pengalaman pribadi dalam bahasa Inggris, yuk disimak contoh dibawah ini:

A Little Trip Called Beauty Moment

Do you have first experience about your first traveling? This is my story when first time I went aboard to Australia. May be Australia is one of your place of your dream you will be visited. When I prepared to go Australia last summer, I prepared instant noodle.

Then things came to my mind that other more sophisticated question was whether I would experience culture shock. There was also a question as to whether I would mischievous look caucasian girls half naked sunbathing on the beach like in western movies. Ahaha…. Or worse, is it true that I will witness a free lifestyle. Another question is whether a more civilized later I attended a lecture? It the same education system in Indonesia and in Australia? If different what’s the difference? A list of questions that only a few of the millions (Okay, maybe not that many) questions.

My conclusion of the course, that everywhere we go, the beginning is always from the same place that is “library”. Light reading books like “Lonely Planet” or some sort of “Naked Traveller” should be done before going abroad. My tips, prepare as many specific questions and find answers one by one with patience. My assumption is you have enough time to get the answer because going abroad first usually not sudden. Reading the blogs of people who had lived abroad, as you do now, is one way out. However, their experience is not necessarily going to answer all your worries. Need to read other sources.

The first time to Sydney, I’ve made a list of my luggage own speculative based on information from various sources and my own conjecture. Please see the list of items that I have prepared this time and I have perfected over time. After living in Australia, I finally understood that not all the stuff I need to take it because most are in Australia. Do not ever plan to bring instant noodle, for example, because the goods that exist everywhere in Australia. My experience to America and Europe are also the same. Indom*e can be obtained in many countries. But if you want to bring two or three small packs by reason of fear can not be bought on the first day until abroad, go ahead. It would be very helpful.

What about the culture shock? One of my tips is to control the urge to quickly amazed, surprised and especially not fast and not disappointed. Our discussion of this in the year 2012 is when the world is “much smaller” and connected to each other. Do not be surprised if what we normally see in Indonesia exactly the same as what is in New York. Do not expect overseas will be met people like Tom Cruise (Ok, you can replace with Brad Pit, or George Clooney or Leonardo Di’caprio) or Angelina Jolie (I know, the world’s number 1 celebrity by Forbes today is J -Lo, please change the name) because the fact that Asians had “invaded” the whole world. In any big city, not difficult encounter Asians who speak Javanese easterlies. I often joked, in Kingsford, Sydney there are two languages ​​that we usually hear on the street that is Indonesian and Javanese.

My conclusion is that the main many different simple things abroad. Queuing habits, what taboo or not taboo asked, manners, ethics and so many different altogether. Start a conversation with a stranger on the bus stop is not done by asking “Where you from?” But “today’s weather is sunny yes”. Not at all common to ask “you married?” Or ask the current home address in the first impression, for example. Little things is quite a lot and all that can be known only by reading and watching. In essence, always alert and aware that what is usual in Indonesia may be exceptional abroad or vice versa.

Is learning systems in developed countries differ from those in Indonesia? In general, I can conclude is that the students in developed countries is much more independent. The learning process is done by digging itself as a facilitator and lecturer. Nothing is fed. Lazy to find their own means disaster. The point is only one: read a lot as much so as not to feel so “missing persons” in class or in a group discussion.

This is so wonderful to see to experienced and to travel abroad when we see so many new world that never been seen before.

Semoga Bermanfaat Para Pembaca SBI!!!

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