Cerita Rakyat Singkat: “Kancil Dan Harimau” Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Cerita Rakyat Singkat: “Kancil Dan Harimau” Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Sekolahbahasainggris- Cerita rakyat yang berkisah tentang kancil ada berbagai macam. Ada yang berjudul “Kancil Dan Pak Tani”, ada yang berkisah “Kancil Dan harimau”. Nah kali ini admin akan membagikan cerita rakyat “Kancil Dan harimau” dalam bahasa Inggris. Selamat membaca:

Cerita Rakyat Singkat: “Kancil Dan Harimau” Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Cerita Rakyat Singkat: “Kancil Dan Harimau” Dalam Bahasa Inggris

On a day in the past, there was a deer met with tiger in the woods. Tiger said, “my cousin said to me that your meat is very tasty. Now I have a chance to taste it. “

Deer turned to the right and left, he had to find a reason that tigers can not catch him. Then he saw a lump of mud under the tree.

“Do not,” said the deer. “I’m keeping my king cake.”

He shrugged toward the mud clumps.

Tiger was very hungry, saw the mud clumps,

“Cake king? It seemed very good. I wanted to try it. “

“Do not. Later the king would be angry, “said the deer while facing tigers in front of the mud.

“Just a little,” said the tiger.

“You can not.”

 “Come on, the king would not know, I eat a little.”

“Hmmm … Okay, but let me go first, I do not want to be blamed.”

 “Go.” Said Tiger.

Deer did not waste the opportunity. He sped away.

Tiger immediately swallowed king cake and took a bite.

“Warrummmm!” Tiger mud spewing from his mouth.

“It’s the mud?!” Said the tiger. “Deer you lied to me, if I see you again, I will not forgive you!”

The next day, the deer back ran in the jungle and met the tiger.

“Well. So I see you again deer meat. ” said tiger.

Deer returned to find a way. He saw a beehive that is located not high from there.

“You do not know, now I’m waiting on a drum king? If I leave my job, someone must hit it, and the king was furious.”

“I don’t believe you, you’re liar. Where the drum king around here? “

“Of course there is. That is over there! ” said deer pointing some place.

Tiger saw a round object that was dependent on a low tree branch.

“It’s also said the deer,” he said to himself. “Tambour belongs to the king, how the sound likes?”

“Mouse Deer,” said the tiger, “I percussion hitting it huh?”

“Do not, later king angry.”

“Then you go first, I hit it. That way king does not get angry. ” said Tiger.

“All Right. Remember, wait until I was a little far drums than you can hit it, huh? ” said deer.

Deer was once again escape from danger. He immediately fled.

Tigers wait a few moments later approached the bee hive. He hit hardest, hoping to hear the sound of melodious and loud drums. But the drums were shattered. From it emerged thousands of bees that stung him mercilessly.

“Ngengg! Ngengg! Ngengg! “The bees continued to chase the tiger.

“Ouch! Ouch! How dare you are deer, you tricked me again! “

Tiger running but the bees were angry that keep pursuing and stung. Tiger finally jumping into the pool. Then the bees leaved. The whole body of the tiger was swelling due to bee stings.

A few days later, the tiger saw deer was lying under a tree. Without waiting longer, he pounced on deer.

Deer struggled, “Let me go! Because of you I scolded the King. He gave a last chance. If I failed again to run my job, finished my story. “

“What kind of tasks? Do you think you can fool me again? This time I really wanted eat deer meat. ” said Tiger.

“You do not see I’m keeping the belt the King?”

“Belt? Where? “

“See, under the tree.”

 Tiger approached the tree. True he saw a pretty big belt rolled up in there. Tiger approached the deer again.

“Very good. I definitely fits wear it. I try it? “

“Should not!” said deer.

“Very soon, no one will ever know.”

“Can’t I?.”

“I’ll try to belt it and then put it back.”

“Hmmm,” deer pretended to think hard.

“Come On.” Said Tiger

“You wanted to try the belt. I do not have the heart to refuse, “said the deer. “All right, but you have to be quick. Do not let anyone see you wear it “

Tiger nodded vigorously. He immediately took the king’s belt and wrapped it around his waist. How shocked he saw that it was not a belt but a big snake! The snake was directly caught him and the longer the increasingly tight coils.

Tigers struggled but could not escape. Her breathing began to feel claustrophobic. Finally he tried to bite the snake’s tail. Snakes in pain and relax the coils so that tigers can escape. Tiger had realized that Deer so smart.

Deer had disappeared. The End.

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