Cerita Rakyat Jawa Tengah: “Rawa Pening” Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Cerita Rakyat Jawa Tengah: “Rawa Pening” Dalam Bahasa Inggris

SekolahbahasainggrisPernakah kalian mendengar atau membaca kisah cerita rakyat tentang Rawa Pening dari Jawa Tengah dalam Bahasa Inggris? Jika belum, yuk disimak cerita berikut ini:

Cerita Rakyat Jawa Tengah: “Rawa Pening” Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Cerita Rakyat Jawa Tengah: “Rawa Pening” Dalam Bahasa Inggris

“Rawa Pening”

Along time ago, the villagers of Ngebel surprised to see a very large snake. The snakes would attacked them and there was a villager who could catch snake named Klinting Baru. Having caught the snake was killed and the meat was eaten in a feast. Only one of the villagers who did not invited to enjoy the party, which was a poor old grandmother named Nyai Minyak.

A few days later came a boy about ten years old. He looked disheveled and unkempt, even his skin was covered with the disease. The boy went to every house and asked for food to villagers. But nobody gave him food or drinking water. They even threw and mocking him.

Finally he arrived at the house of the latter, home Nyai Minyak. In front of the flimsy houses Nyai were pounding rice with mortar.

“Grandma,” the boy said, “I am thirsty. May I ask for water, Grandma? “

Grandmother took the child to drink a glass of water with gusto. She looked at him with pity.

“Want some more water? You want to eat? But I only had rice, no side dishes. “

“Want it, Grandma. Rice is enough. I’m hungry, “said the boy.

Grandma immediately fetch rice and leftover vegetables available. He also brought water again for the boy, boy was eating with gusto, until not a rice left.

“What’s your name, son? Where is your father and mother? “

“My name was Klinting Baru. My father and mother passed away. “

“Would you like to stay here accompanying me?” asked Grandma.

“Thank you, Grandma. But I went alone. People here evil, Grandma. Only grandmother just kind to me. “

Klinting Baru then told about the story of villagers who were not friendly to him. Later, he also said goodbye. Before leaving, he advised Nyai Minyak.

“Grandma, later if grandmother heard the sound of the gong, the grandmother went up to the top of the mortar. Grandma will be saved. “

Although not understand the meaning of Klinting Baru, Nyai said yes.

Klinting Baru entranced to the village again. He went to the children who were playing. He picked up a stick and plugged it in the ground. Then he called the children.

“Come on … who can revoke this stick?”

Klinting got mocking but when one by one tried to pull the stick, nothing worked. They also called the big one. All tried, all failed. The adults were gathered and tried to poke a stick. Remained nothing works.

New ultimately revoked by Klinting to stick it by himself. From holes in the ground water gushing former stick sticked that grew more and more profusely. People were running around frantically, One ring the gong as a sign of danger. But the water quickly became flooded and drowned the whole village.

Nyai heard the distant sound of the gong, he remembered the message of Klinting and immediately climbed to the top of the mortar. He just sat in the mortar, the water was coming and higher. Dimples was adrift. Nyai saw the neighbors had drowned.

After some time, the water stopped rising and slowly began to recede. Nyai carried aside so She could get to the land. Only her who could survived from the flood. Other villagers were all dead.

The water did not dry completely back but left wide puddle shaped lake that is now called  as Rawa Pening. Rawa Pening is located in Ambarawa, Central of Java. The End.

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