8 Contoh Teks Debat Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaik!

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8 Contoh Teks Debat Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaik!

Sekolahbahasainggris– Apakah kalian merupakan debater newbie yang sedang belajar menjadi debater handal untuk mengikuti suatu kompetisi? Jika iya, maka kalian peru banyak banyak belajar dalam membuat explanation dari teks debat  kalian.

8 Contoh Teks Debat Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaik!
8 Contoh Teks Debat Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaik!

Nah kali ini admin akan membagikan contoh referensi kepada kalian teks debat bahasa Inggris. Silahkan disimak:

Themes Motion: THBT SMK Is Better Than SMA

1st Speaker Of Affirmative team:

I strongly believe that SMK is better than SMA. SMK is a school in Indonesia that focusing on its major to create new freshmen that have both skills and knowlege in their majoring. SMA is a school in Indonesia that focusing only in the knowlegde in their majoring.

So that is why SMK could get more easier job by their majoring basedon its peupose and motto “SMK Bisa”. But SMA students need to continue their study to college level to focusing on the majoring and than they could get the job by it. The implicative of SMK can rechanged the new high and fastest level on education in reaching the best solution on jobless in Indonesi.

1st Speaker Of Negative team:

I don’t agree with the motion that SMK is better than SMA. By seeing its quality of education SMA has higher level on quality far from SMK. SMK is a new sistem program created by goverment to make a ready-freshmen worker. But in fact, the its quality is opposite to their misiion. But you can see the sistem of SMA in Indonesia. They focus on only knowledge, but the school can create a good quality of its purpose so they take 85 person quotes in the University level.

2nd Speaker Of Affirmative team:

Rebuttle: No, i don’t agrre with you. You thought and said that both sistem is different. But then you said the its purpose was failed by seeing SMK point of view. You can’t compare the persentages of the number of students that accepted in University with the persentage of freshmen woker of SMK in knowledge. You must see how big the number of dreshmen from SMK that being accepted to be employees in company!

I would like to delivered my sPeech from the effectiveness of SMK on creating qualified worker.

SMK took an unique education sistem that they do acceleration on how student after graduation from school can directly get a job and qualified. If you see that SMA, they need 4 years more to get a job after the graduation. It means that SMK get effective way on create new qualified worker than SMA.

2nd Speaker Of Negative team:

Rebuttle: I dn’t agree with the material on delivering of 2nd speker of affirmative tem. He doesn’t know how big freshmen from SMK who failed on applying a job. SMA also can directly get a job after they graduate from high school. It means the effectiveness of your delivery still non sense.

But seeing on my point of view, the SMA is a doubled degree of graduation.

You can easily continue to the university level easier than SMK and you can get a job as you want. It means, if you failed from the examination of application on university and you need a money. You can make a money to apply in the company.

So many company accepted from freshmen of SMA. So this proves to us that SMA is better than SMK.

3rd Speaker of Affirmative team:

Rebuttles:All the materials that negative team talking about is silly and can not be taken as fact. Thay don’t see why the goverment make the 60:60 SMK:SMA in the future by 2008. It just because the SMK is the new hopes to Indonesia and applicable on education to create a new freshmen and worker on company without taking first college level degree.

So by seeing my team who delivered to you before adjudicator, we are take a red line on how good SMK to get more easier job than SMA with their major they have. And my second speaker said that the effetiveness of SMK student to be qualified worker. Let’s us imagine that Student of SMK from automotive engineering can work as mechanic. But the student from SMA cannot work as mechanic even just apply to the company by its requirement. It means it is so effective.

3rd Speaker Of Negative team:

Rebuttle: If yes the SMK is better, why the image of good quality is taking by SMA level. Does it proven you? So all the rebuttle of 3rd speaker is still can not prove their team.

The higher level is the higher qualified. So when SMA student took higher level on college degree. They would have good qualified on working. So that is why the student from SMK if work in the company just can be a low level position like mechanic, shop keeper,etc. But ehen student of SMA graduate from University they applied to company they work as manager of workshop (Leader of mechanic), and Manager of Shop (leader of shop keeper). So this proves that SMA better than SMK.

 Speker 4 of Negative team:

By seeing my team’s point of view. We straightly go to the red line on how effective of SMA levels on creating better freshmen. So for the adjudicator time is yours.

Speaker 4 of Affirmative team:

We still absolutely believe that SMK is better than SMA because of its sistem, how effective to create qualified worker after graduation. So please win for us the adjudicator.

Semoga Bermanfaat Para Pembaca SBI!!!

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