22 Vocabulary exercise: Latihan Soal Vocabulary Bahasa Inggris 1

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22 Vocabulary exercise: Latihan Soal Vocabulary Bahasa Inggris 1

Sekolahbahasainggris- Dalam latihan kali ini sahabat dituntut untuk mengerjakan soal vocabulary yang berupa text yang terdapat kata yangmasihrumpang. Nah pengetahuan umum pun sangat diperlukan untuk mengetahui kata mana sih yang paling tepat.

22 Vocabulary exercise: Latihan Soal Vocabulary Bahasa Inggris 1
22 Vocabulary exercise: Latihan Soal Vocabulary Bahasa Inggris 1

Selamat mengerjakan:

Please complete the missing words in the text below based on the vocabulary words list. Choose the right vocabulary.

Business Etiquette In Europe

Europe ranges from the cold northern countries of Norway and Sweden to the warm Mediterranian countries of Italy and Greece. Some customs and mores such as the way to shake hands, ________(1)names and titles, _________(2) a conversation, ________(3) a gestures and like vary as much as the typography, while others are shared across all of Europe.

However, as the standard business greeting gestures ________(4) Europe handshake is usually exchanged before and ______(5) every meeting, no matter how many meetings you _______(5) had. An exception is in Great Britain, where, as in the United States, an initial handshake is often the only one you will receve.

European Handshakes are more ________(6) and less casual than those in the United States. A quick grasp and release is the norm. In most European countries, handshakes are_________(7). An exception is France, _______(8) a lighter grasp is customary. Finally, it is customary to let women and those in a ______ (9) rank to extend their hands first in Europe.

In addition, it is unusual for _______ (10) in Europe touse first names immediately. Wait until he asks you to call him by his first name or uses a familiar ________(11) of address with you. Titles, especially academic titles, are always used in Europe. In the United States, it is_______(11) for a Professor to be called Doctor or Professor outside the classroom. But in european countries, professors, _______ (12) with lawyers, medical doctors, and others are introduced with their title(s).

In many European countries, asking people what they do or asking ______(13) a personal question as an opening in a conversation is a _______ (14) mistake. Europeans are, for the most part, more formal and reserved about such matters than Americans are.

It s important to watch______(15) for these gesture-related mistakes. The American gesture for “OK” using a circle formed by forefinger and thumb is offensive in Germany. Showing ______ (16) palm to someone is offensive in Greece. _______(17) your hands in your pockets is rude. Back-slapping is out of place in northern Europe, and at last, having your hands below the table while dining in France, ______ (18), and Austria is rude.

At last, we can see that each place has its _______(19) customs and mores. Then realizes that it is ________(20) important to know customs and mores of their countries in order to avoid misunderstanding in culture and _______(21) a good overseas business reationship since a good understanding _______(22) ones’ cultures might smoothen the business flow and objective.

Vocabulary words list:

to open

to express



have already







to mention










to build


Semoga Bermanfaat Para Pembaca SBI!!!

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