20 Contoh Soal ‘Because vs Because of” Beserta Jawaban

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20 Contoh Soal ‘Because vs Because of” Beserta Jawaban


20 Contoh Soal 'Because vs Because of" Beserta Jawaban
20 Contoh Soal ‘Because vs Because of” Beserta Jawaban


Kumpulan Soal Because Dan Because Of Dalam Bahasa Inggris



Sahabat SBI masih ingat materi mengenai because dan because of dalam bahasa inggris? Pada materi sebelumnya, kita pernah membahas mengenai materi tersebut.

Sedikit mengulas mengenai materi because dan because of, because digunakan pada awal sebuah klausa, sebelum subjek dan kata kerja, sedangkan because of digunakan sebelum kata benda atau kata ganti.

  1. I can not come to your house______it is rain
  2. I am afraid_______a ghost
  3. Sinta makes a cake______her mom likes it
  4. we will join that community______you
  5. _______we never realize him anymore in our life
  6. I don’t bring an umbrella______it is not rain
  7. That girl is so smart______she never be lazy to study
  8. Diana can not come to the party_______her mom never let her
  9. My life has changed and it is_______you
  10. I let him to go ______ I care with you
  11. we were bored_______the space was too long
  12. We decided to stay at office______the weather was bad
  13. ________the weather was bad, she stayed at office
  14. she lets me go_____she never care with me
  15. I am not happy______the film is not so good
  16. Alex was worried______the rain
  17. we were bored______the speech
  18. I am so happy______I always with you here
  19. _______this cake, he loves me so much
  20. I will wear a jacket______the weather was so cold


  1. Because
  2. Because of
  3. Because
  4. Because of
  5. Because
  6. Because
  7. Because
  8. Because
  9. Because of
  10. Because
  11. Because
  12. Because
  13. Because
  14. Because
  15. Because
  16. Because of
  17. Because of
  18. Because
  19. Because
  20. Because

Cukup Mudah untuk dipahami sahabat SBI semua kan? semoga bermafaat ya 🙂

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