12 Cerita Rakyat Singkat: Jaka Tarub And 7 Bidadari Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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12 Cerita Rakyat Singkat: Jaka Tarub And 7 Bidadari Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Sekolahbahasainggris– Pernah mendengar cerita rakyat Jaka Tarub dan 7 Bidadari? Yuk disimak cerita rakyat berikut:

12 Cerita Rakyat Singkat: Jaka Tarub And 7 Bidadari Dalam Bahasa Inggris
12 Cerita Rakyat Singkat: Jaka Tarub And 7 Bidadari Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Once upon a time Jaka Tarub, , there lived a man named Nyi Randa Tarub, he lived with his son Jaka Tarub who like to hunt in the woods.

Jaka Tarub: Mom, I want to hunt deer in the forest

Nyi Tarub: Okay son, but be careful

Jaka Tarub who lived in Java went hunting in the area of ​​Mount Sacred. On the mountain there were lake where seven nymphs bathing.

Angel 1: sisters here we will be having a bath

Angel 2: Okay

Angel 3: Okay, the air is too cool

Angel 4:Wonderful

Angel 5: yeah ….

Angel 6: It sounds good

Bidadri 7: yes sister

Jaka Tarub took shawl one angel. When the seventh angel had gone out of the shower, six of the seven angel back to heaven.

Jaka Tarub: all girls – this girl is gorgeous. Is it possible they are angels, huh …. What is that? I must have the essence of them.

Angel 1: Sister the sky goes dark let’s go back to the heaven

Nawang Wulan: shawl ……? Oh god, I lost my shawl.

She shocked what happened that she lost her shawl, because without it he could not afford to fly to heaven.

Angel 1: What, You miss it?

Angel 2: how is it possible?

Angel 4: let us search it!

Angel 3: oh …. It was dark, we had to go from here

Nawang Wulan (Angel 7): How about me?

Angel 5: we can not do anything, sister … we had to leave you

Nawang Wulan: Please, don’t leave me alone

All sis Angel had gone back to heaven and leaved Angel 7 as Nawang Wulan.

Jaka Tarub: hi … girl, what happened to you?

Nawang Mulan: lord help me, I’m an angel of the heaven, I lost my shawl, my sisters had gone. I had no one here.

Jaka Tarub: oh, so sorry to her that. I intend to help you,  would you want to come to my home?

Nawang Wulan: thanks, Oh, I’m forget my name is Nawang Wulan, what’s your name?

Jaka Tarub: people call me Jaka Tarub

Jaka Tarub appeared to come to her any they had have conversation. The seventh angel, named Dewi Nawangwulan was falling in love with with Jaka Tarub, either he did. They willing had married and got a daughter named Dewi Nawangsih.

Over the life of a householder, Nawangwulan always weared her power. Everything was easier. She Grain of to cook rice magically only with her power. One day so unexpectedly, Jaka Tarub cut the rules  of Nawangwulan’s rules that  not unscrew the rice cooker. Consequently Nawangwulan lost her magic. Since then she was cooking rice like most ordinary women.

Thus, supply of rice becomes quickly exhausted. When rice is low, Nawangwulan found shawl inheritance hidden in the barn. By seeing this, Nawangwulan was too angry to know that her husband, was the person who had stolen the object.

Jaka Tarub begged her not to go back to heaven. But Nawangwulan determination was made. Just for the sake of the baby Nawangsih she was willing to come down to earth to feed alone.

Someday, Jaka Tarub later became leaders of village, as Ki Ageng Tarub, and friends with UB king of Majapahit. On a day UB sent keris Kyai Mahesa contagious so treated by Ki Ageng Tarub.

UB messenger who delivered the dagger named Ki Ageng Masahar and Bondan Kejawan, his adopted son. Ki Ageng Tarub know if Mariah Kejawan actuallly by biological was a son of UB. So, the young man was asked to stay together in the village.

Since then Bondan Kejawan be adopted by Ki Ageng Tarub, and renamed Ox Peteng. When Nawangsih growing up, they were married.

After Jaka Tarub died, Ox Peteng would Bondan Kejawan replacet to Ki Ageng Tarub. Nawangsih itself gave birth to a son, who named Ki Getas Pandavas.

Ki Ageng Getas Pandavas then had a son named Ki Ageng Sela, who was as the great gran father of Panembahan Senapati, founder of the Sultanate of Mataram.

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