101 Materi Lengkap Modals: The Functions Of Similar Modal

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101 Materi Lengkap Modals: The Functions Of Similar Modal

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101 Materi Lengkap Modals: The Functions Of Similar Modal
101 Materi Lengkap Modals: The Functions Of Similar Modal
  1. Digunakan untuk menghindari double modal dalam satu kalimat

e.g   I will can study abroad

>  be able to<

maka: i will be able to study abroad

He must can win the game

Be able to

  1. Digunakan untuk memberi makna modal pada To Infinitive

e.g   saya ingin bisa menguasai bahasa Inggris

I want to can master English

Be able to

  1. Digunakan untuk memunculkan perfect tense atau future tense dalam modal (hanya untuk modal yang mempunyai similar modal)


(Should K.III) Present perfect            : he has been supposed to sleep

Past perfect       : he had been supposed to sleep

  1. Digunakan untuk memberi makna tambahan (extra meaning)

  2. Must (+) internal wish

e.g   I must study hard

( – ) strong prohibition

e.g   You must not smoke in the class

  • Have to (+) external wish

e.g I have to study hard because my mother wants it

( – )weak prohibition

e.g you have not to regret your mistake

  • Should (+) internal wish

e.g I should do this because it is my responsibility

  • Be supposed to (+) external wish

e.g I am supposed to do this because my boss will angry if I don’t finish it

  • May (+) internal wish

e.g May I sleep now? Because I feel sleepy

  • Be allowed to (+) external wish

e.g Am I allowed to borrow your car? My father asks me to pick him up

  • Be used to   ® Dulu terbiasa

He was used to smoking

  • Sekarang terbiasa

He is used to smoking

  • Akan terbiasa

He will be used to smoking


  1. Digunakan untuk memunculkan past tense pada modal Kloter II


(can K.II) Simple past                        : he was allowed to sleep

Past Continuous       : he was allowed to sleep


NB :   Jika fisik sama antara Spontaneity and conclusion, dibedakan melalui :

  1. Kronologi

  • Spontaneity : suggestion for motivation/ advisability for a better result
  • Conclusion : summary of the former action


He failed the exam

He should have studied hard

He was the best student


He always fails the exam

He should study

He is the best student


  1. Adverb dan fungsi tenses

  • You can come here everyday
  • I must go now
  • Calcium can decrease the risk of osteophorosis
  • I can help you
  • You had to study when your parents came in order that your parents weren’t be angry with you
  • After you took Bussiness Program , you could have taken Mangement Program.

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