101 contoh Cerpen Bahasa Inggris tentang Cinta, Perjuangan, Dan Kesuksesan

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101 contoh Cerpen Bahasa Inggris tentang Cinta, Perjuangan, Dan Kesuksesan

www.sekolahbahasainggris.comCerpen adalah suatu bentuk tulisan yang diungkapkan melalui butiran-butiran kata yang apik dalam sebuah media kertas yang memiliki fungsi untuk memberikan informasi yang bisa diambil pelajaran dari apa yang disampaikan.

101 contoh Cerpen Bahasa Inggris tentang Cinta, Perjuangan, Dan Kesuksesan
101 contoh Cerpen Bahasa Inggris tentang Cinta, Perjuangan, Dan Kesuksesan

Sang penulis biasanya menulis sekitar 300 kata minimal, atau dapat terdiri dari 1-5 halaman. Tidak lebih. Karena jika lebih bukan cerpen namanaya. Cerpen dalam bahasa Inggris pun sama, yang membedakan hanya bahasa nya. Namun jika sahabat SBI kebingungan dalam mebuat cerpen bahasa Inggris atau sedang mencari cerpen bahasa Inggris sahabat bisa melihat referensi atau contoh yang ada dibawah ini.

Nah semoga contoh cerpen bahasa Inggris ini bida berguna bagi sahabat SBI, selamat membaca yakk:

My Name Is Flower

People call me Flower, yes because I grow as a big beautiful girl in my small village. Only that name that I could have. I have no parent, no Mother, No Father, no others or even siblings who know who I am. Don’t ask me with whom I live, I am one and only.

This is a small village, a village in Germany. I don’t want people give a pity to me. None of them can do it. I live and life with a bad condition. Whern I was a 5 years, a family called Parker family brought me to their home from the social house. I remembered it. They said to the staff to care me and love me like their own child. Because they don’t have a child.

Everything was going to be well as I wished. They love me and care me. But an unexpectedly moment took them from me. They got accident after went from their office. Both of them. It was so strange for me, when I was 10. It was not fair, said me to the god.

After that moment a new life had changed. No one wanted take me home, wanted care me. But for me it was okay. My parent, I meant real parent, even my real mom throwed me up to the social house. A place for them who cannot acceptable to parent’s life. At least I got it from the staff.

Walking alone, eating alone, and live in the streets. Like street boys. I got food from the trash, a bin, or from people who kindly giving a food. When I was 12 I could work. I could do some little work that not all child did like me. You know I did? I was a secondhand dealer. The things in the street that I found I collect them. Sell it the big house. And get the money. In the time, I found Patrick star, he is a nice boy. We live in the street. He prays as muslim, we work together. We do many things together.

8 years been a great days. I got my money from 1 cen, 2 euros, big, and even big. You know that after that time how much money I had have? 1000 euros? So what do you think by this money? Eating? By house? Buy a new car? Or buy anything that make you fun.

No, it was not me. I buy a land, and build a small place named cafe. I love eating. So I could taste which good food, which is not. I only sell a bread. Nothing special in small village in Germany. But so believ? People love my bread, I become rich.

This moment does not make mind blind, I know who I was before. My 50 percent of my money is served for street boys. You still remembered Patrick? He is my husband now. We live together. Love each other.

The ends.


Semoga Bermanfaat Para Pembaca SBI!!!

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