Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Grammar

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1000 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Grammar–  SBI-Sedang mencari contoh-contoh soal bahasa Inggris? Pelajari lah disini:

1000 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Grammar
1000 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Grammar

1. The speaker introduced herself, she told several interesting story and …… his speech with an emotional flea.


b. finished finish


2.She wants not only to take a trip to Europe but …… to Asia

a.she also would like to travel

b.also traveling travels also

d.also to travel

3.He could correct neither what I said ……

a.nor I wrote

b.nor what I wrote

c.or what I wrote

d.nor my writing

3.Sam is always good-natured, generous and ……


b.behave politely

c.helps you

d.wants to help everyone

4.After retirement, he plans on travelling to exotic locations, …. and playing a lot of golf

a.diner in the finest restaurant dine in the finest restaurant

c.dining in the finest restaurant    d.dine in the finest restaurant

5.Neither your clothes nor your veil which is liked by your sisters …… cheap

a.will   b. are    d.were

6.For me, living in both city ….. is interesting

a.and in village                          b.or village

c.and village                                   d.and staying in village

7.A brankruptcy may be either voluntary ……

a.nor involuntary    b.or involuntary

c.or involuntarily    d.or volunteer

8.By obeying speed limit, we can save energy,lives and …..

a.It costs us less    d.comfortable

9.He did not succeed in his life …… he was unlucky, but …..he did not attempt to get his success hard

a.not for – for                               b.not because – because

c.not because – because of    d.because of – because

10.A baby’s development is influenced by both heredity and ……. environmental factors    b.they are influenced by environment

c.environmentally                       d.environment

11.Vitamin C is necessary for the prevention and …… of scurvy cures                                    b.cure

c.cures for                                 d.curing

12.Truman capote’s in cold blood is neither accurate ……

a.a piece of fiction    b.or written in a fictious way

c.nor a fictious    d.nor fictious

13.Fire extinguishers can contain liquefied gas, dry chemicals …….

a.watery   b.or water

c.or watery   d. or consist of water

Part II:

1.She would like neither to see movie ……. swimming

2.She held jobs as a typist, a civil servant ……

3.Not only the tables but also the chair with the picture of flowers …… for wedding party

4……. the tenants’ objections, the apartment manager decided to raise the rent by fourty dollars per month

5.Neither going to movie not taking a walk with my friends …….. my mind

6.I needed both fine brown sugar ……….. powdered sugar to bake a Hawaiian cake


Semoga Bermanfaat Para Pembaca SBI!!!


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