1000 Contoh Narrative Text Pendek

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1000 Contoh Narrative Text Pendek

www.sekolahbahasainggris.com – Pada artikel sebelumnya kita sudah membahas apa sih Narrative Text itu. Nah, sekarang materi selanjutnya adalah contoh-contoh Narrative Text. Kita di sekolah diperintahkan untuk membuat narrative text secara singkat. Nah semoga contoh-contoh dibawah ini bermanfaat buat anda:

1000 Contoh Narrative Text Pendek
1000 Contoh Narrative Text Pendek

Queen Of Arabia and Three Sheiks

Once upon a time there was a queen of Arabia named Maura. Maura is the most beautiful lady who had many suitors. Almost of it counts had discarded one by one, until just three sheiks reduced to the list. Those three were young and handsome. They were strong and also rich. The queen was hard to decide who would be the only one being the best.

One day in the night, Maura disguised herself and went to the sheiks’ camps near her castle. Maura had an idea to made a dinner for them, “Would you like something to eat, sheiks?” asked her. The first gave her some left in the table over food. And the second one gave her something strange, some unappetizing camel’s tail. The last one who named Hakim, offered the most tasty meat and tender.

After the lovely occasion, the queen left the camp.

Then in tomorrow, the queen invited those three sheiks to have a dinner at her castle. She ordered as same as the foods which is given to queen yesterday. The first sheiks who gave all over the food get the same menu. And he ate all the menu by himself. The second one who gave the unappetizing camel’s tail get the same and ate by himself. The third one , hakim, Get the same menu as he gave to the queen, but he didn’t want to eat it if all the people around him could not get too.

The queen was smiling. “Hakim, you are the person who I am searching for, now I announce that Hakim the person I will marry with!”

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