10 Soal Bahasa Inggris WORDS INTHE BOX Untuk SMP Kelas 7

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10 Soal Bahasa Inggris WORDS INTHE BOX Untuk SMP Kelas 7



Hai sahabat SBI, materi kali ini kita akan berhubungan dengan materi sebelumnya yaitu past tense. Apakah sahabat SBI masih ingat apa yang dimaksud dengan past tense dalam bahasa inggris?

Yaps! Past tense merupakan bentuk tenses dalam bahasa inggris yang digunakan untuk menggambarkan suatu kejadian di masa lampau, Past tense sendiri menggunakan verb 2 atau kata kerja kedua.

Nah, berikut ini admin akan menyediakan soal bentuk words in the boc namun menggunakan past tense, soal ini tentu saja sangat berguna untuk melatih kosakata yang sahabat SBI miliki, seperti apa contohnya? Yuk simak langsung J


A.Complete the sentences with one of the words in the box. Be careful they are not all used. Work with your partner. Do it in your workbook.


-Worrying      -worried            -annoying     -tired

-surprising      -frightening     -tiring             -excited

-interesting      -interested       -bored

-Exciting          – annoyed       -surprised



1.The radio program was…….. so I turned it off

2.Children can’t get to sleep on christmas eve. They’re too…….

3.’Hi, Mom’! ‘Liz, thank goodness you called! Where have you been? We’ve been so…. about you

4.Hello, darling. I’ve got a present for you

For me?

‘Don’t look so…… I often buy you presents’

‘But it isn’t my birthday!’

5.The art exhibitation was very……..I loved it, but I had to leave after three hours, My feet were killing me! I found going a round art galleries and museums very……..

6.Some people don’t go out at night because they’re …… that someone will rob them

7.Sue has been two days in the hospital. However, she is still in coma. Her condition is….

We don’t know what will happen to her.

8.’You’re yawning. Are you listening to what I’m saying?’

‘I am! I’m really…. I want to know what happened. It’s just that I feel very…. I went to bed very late  last night’.

9.’I am going on a one-month holiday to the hawaii’, ‘How…! lucky you!’

10.’Was your mother….. when you told her your exam results?’

‘she was furious’.

Happy studying guys 🙂

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