Soal Ulangan Harian Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Terbaru

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Soal Ulangan Harian Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Terbaru

Sekolah Bahasa Inggris – Kesempatan kali ini admin akan memberikan contoh soal ulangan harian bahasa inggris terbaru. Untuk para sahabat SBI mungkin soal-soal dibawah ini dapat membantu dalam persiapan Ujian Nasional. Check This Out!

Read the dialogue and then answer the questions

Baim         : Sandra, have you heard a rumor about Dion?

Sandra      : No, I haven’t. What is it about?

Baim        : You know that Linda has just lost her cell phone.

Sandra     : O…Yeah, tell me more about it

Baim       : Well, there is a rumor that Dion has stolen it.

Sandra    : Oh gosh, it’s unbelieveble. I’m not sure that Dion stole it. I know him very well.

                  He is an honest boy.

Baim      : I agree with you. I was shock when I heard the rumor.

Sandra   : Has Dion heard about it? If he hasn’t, we should tell him, so he can clarify this matter.

Baim     : You are right. Let meet him. I ,m certain Dion didn’t do that .

Answer the questions

  1. What are Baim and Sandra talking about?
  2. Whose phone has been lost?
  3. According to the rumor, who has stolen the phone?
  4. Is Sandra sure that Dion stole the phone?
  5. According to Sandra’s opinion, Dion is ………, he never steal anything.
  6. What does Sandra say to show her attention?
  7. Write down the expression of Baim’s certainty about Dion’s behavior
  8. “ I’m not sure that Dion stole it”. What does the word it refer to?

Complete the dialogue with the suitable expressions/words provided in the box

-What’s the matter    -fantastic   – Never mind then     – I am sure   -I doubt    -the study club

-you repeat again      -illness      – how diligent you are –what is diligent student –call me again

Doalogue 1

Zian          : Where are you going, Marsya?

Marsya     : I am going to the library. I will do our assignment there.

Zian          :(1)……………… You always submit your assignment on time. (2)………..

                   you will be the best student in your class.

Dialogue 2

Zaskia      : Hello, who is speaking ,please?

Fajar        : Hello Zaskia, it’s me, Fajar.

Zaskia     : Hi, Fajar, (3)……………..?

Fajar       : I’d like to tell you that (4)………..this afternoon is deferred to tomorrow, after school.

Zaskia    : Sorry, I hardly hear you, it’s very noisy here, could (5) ……….., please?

Fajar      : Bayu told me that our study club this afternoon has been deferred to tomorrow.

Zaskia   : Well, I see, but (6)……… I can join it tomorrow because I must accompany my mother

                 to the hospital.

Fajar     : (7)…………, you can join the activity next time. By the way, what (8)………does your

                mother complain?

Zaskia  : She will only check up her condition include her blood pressure and  collesterol

Fajar    : I see..

Dialogue 3

Arum   : Hey, look at this Korean film, have you ever seen it?

Dian    : Let me see, wow, (9)…………I think the artists are beautiful and handsome .

Arum   : That’s right

soal ulangan harian bahasa inggris

Arrange the jumbled dialogue to be a good dialogue

  1. Robby         : Do you really think she will come? She is busy with her new film
  2. Soegandi    : Robby, don’t forget to come to our study club tomorrow afternoon.
  3. Soegandi    : Five students, including Nikita.
  4. Robby         : Okay. How many students will come?
  5. Soegandi    : I am absolutely sure she will come.
  6. Robby         : What makes you so sure?
  7. Soegandi     : Good, it means that all  member of our study club will come tomorrow.
  8. Soegandi     : She told me yesterday. She doesn’t have a shooting schedule tomorrow.